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Thursday, November 14, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Announcing Fluxx 3.0!

For the past 3 months we've been secretly working on a major revision of our #1 selling card game, and we've decided it's time to officially announce the impending arrival of Fluxx Version 3.0!

Needless to say, we're really excited about this. As you might expect, I've played a heck of a lot of games of Fluxx in the past 5 years, and I've learned quite a lot since then about what works well... and what doesn't. And while I still love a good game of Fluxx, even after all these years, there are a number of cards in the deck I've grown quite weary of. And what fun is that? Fluxx is a game all about change, so it only follows that it too should change.

Now then, I'm sure you have many questions, so let's take them one at a time.

1.) What will be different? Roughly half of the cards in the deck have changed in some way, but in many cases the revisions are so minor that only a few people will notice them. Over 25% of the cards have been radically changed or are completely different. Here's a sampling of the new cards:

2.) Can you be more specific about what's changing? The 4 "Bonus" rules have been replaced with a trio of stronger ones, called the Rich bonus, the Poor Bonus, and the No-Hand Bonus. The 3 new rules which we made into promos for Origins 2002 (X=X+1, Double Agenda, and Reverse Order) have all been added. Those annoying "hide a Keeper" rules are all going away, and we're getting rid of 4 rather wimpy Actions and putting in 7 better ones. We thinned the Keepers down a bit, increased the number of Goals, and made sure no Keeper was useful for only 1 thing. The 5 Keepers being dropped are the Eye, the Pyramid, Coffee, Donuts, and Taxes, but in their place we're adding 2 totally new ones: Sleep and Dreams. Changing the Keeper mix required us to drop a number of Goals that no longer made sense, but of course others were needed for the new Keepers. A couple of Goals also got renamed. Other minor changes included replacing the artwork for War (as I described a few weeks ago) and for Chocolate (since we've learned that a certain powerful Chocolate Corporation has strong attitudes about their trademark on a little slip of paper sticking out of a piece of candy). Final Card Random has been changed to First Play Random (it works better), the blank card has been eliminated (it's obsolete), and the rules insert will be larger (featuring the cartoon shown here). The tuckbox will be the same size, but it will look a bit different; the 6-pack display carton will change only slightly. To sum up: it's way better than before.

3.) Will it be compatible with the old version? Yes. The cardsize is not changing, and the backs will be identical. Your Fluxx Blanxx creations will still work, and you can even take cards you miss from your 2nd edition deck and add them into version 3.0.

4.) When will it be available? Everything is now in the hands of our card printers, Carta Mundi. Unfortunately, they are running a few weeks behind schedule, so it's going to be very tight... but it still looks like they will have the new decks finished in time for us to get them into your local game store just before Christmas. Our friends at Carta Mundi have promised they can ship directly to our distributors on December 9th, so please keep your toes crossed for us on this. (Although we often try to give our stores a boost by delaying website sales on a new release for awhile, with the holidays so close we obviously can't do that this time - we plan to begin taking pre-orders starting on November 28th.)

5.) How much will it cost? Our accountant Mayo has been begging us to raise our prices, and we've decided to take his advice. The new edition will cost $12. Sorry. Think of it this way: If you recently bought version 2.1, you got a $2 discount.


Have you played any games today?


the story so far

Thought Residue
We announced weeks ago that Fluxx would be available in selected Border's Books, and yet it still is not. Unfortunately, they've been stuck in a warehouse in California all this time, waiting for some sort of bureaucratic logjam to clear up. We're told it's been resolved, but that it will still take a week or two for the stores to get their decks. Sigh.
"Please explain to me exactly what the difference is between the Democrats and the Republicans." -- something my mother says I asked her some twenty years ago, as a teenager struggling to understand our complex political system (it's a question that still puzzles me)

"Fluxx is a cool little card game made by Looney Labs, a small indie game maker who are just adorable. Fluxx is good for long plane trips and long waits in airport lobbies." -- stuffilike @ megan.scatterbrain.org


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