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The (Ping) Ponguin

What are the Literary References in the Game?

I bring my dijeridu slowly away from the microphone while I'm playing so that it "fades" while the drummers continue with their beat.

Cool Words

discalceate (diss-kal'-see-ate') v.t. to pull off shoes or sandals from. adj. (used of certain religious orders) barefoot or wearing only sandals. [from Latin discalceatus unshod, from dis- + calceus "shoe"].

Haiku Reviews

Hedwig And The Angry Inch %} (take 2)

I want a body
like Hedwig's body, without
the angry inch, though.

Tirade's Choice

Anti Monopoly

"Hello! My daughter asked me to write you about Fluxx auf Deutsch that you mentioned was on the stove. She is in high school, and she and her friends play Fluxx during breaks in quiz bowl competitions. Most of them also take German, so if this project comes to fruition, there is a market for at least one German Fluxx in the U.S. I just bought her Chrononauts, and she is so excited. Thanks for making stuff that allow me to spoil the daylights out of her, while making her think." -- John L via email

Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Spring Cleaning

My focus this week has been on doing some much needed spring cleaning. The house was positively choked with boxes and piles of stuff needing to be put away, with a big part of the problem being no spaces left in which to put things away. But I figured out a couple of new places to shoehorn in a few more bookcases, and after a trip to IKEA and a bit of assembly, I got enough extra space to get a lot of those piles and boxes dealt with and put away. Check out these before and after pictures to see how big an improvement an extra set of shelves can make!

Now I just need to start getting ready for this weekend's Pop-Tart Cafe!

Have you cast your Origins Awards votes yet? (And when you do, make sure you follow-through with the vote confirmation process...)

AndyHave a Great Week!

the story so far
Thought Residue
Alison observed that the year 2000, once the ultimate in imagined futures, is now, like, a really long time ago! (At least in terms of pizza coupons...)

Oops! There's a minor mistake in NanoBlanks... the example card that you can see through the clear plastic wrap, one of the 4 Character cards in the pack, has an upside-down cardback! Oh, well, I can't see how it will really impact gameplay...
Remember that Iraqi leader who would hold a press conference every day at noon to deny that US troops were succeeding in their invasion of his country? I've already forgotten his name, but with tanks at Baghdad's gates, he continued to tell absurd and obvious lies, in a desperate attempt to keep his power base from crumbling. I think of that guy whenever I hear the Drug Czar make a speech about marijuana.


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