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The Squarel

What are the Literary References on the TimeLine?

Sitting on Margit's sofa with Gina. Across the room, Jun Ahn says, "Oh, the uh... not the Huguenots."
"No," replies a guy named Bill.

Cool Words

(miss'-oh-nee'-iz-um, my'-soh-nee'-iz-um) n hatred or fear of change or innovation.

Haiku Reviews

Desperation Blvd. :(

Without the dragged out
too-serious storyline,
this might be funny.

Tirade's Choice

The Marianne Lucas Diamonds

( She was Andy's English Teacher! )

"I'm a special education teacher... I taught my group of gifted/ED students (emotionally disturbed) to play Fluxx just before Winter Break. They played for 6 weeks straight, and still ask to play the game when they have downtime in Tech Ed. I used the game to teach them some skills they need for the Maryland Functional Reading test (READING the directions, natch, and understanding that directions CHANGE!)." -- Magi, on the Edu mailing list

Thursday, May 29th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? It Was Another Great Pop Tart Cafe

Well, we're back from Balticon and we had a splendid time. We ran an epic, 2-day long Pop-Tart Cafe (open for 12 hours both days) and we served up almost 500 toaster pastries to sci-fi fans as they hung out playing our games. Here's my favorite photo from the weekend; check out scrapbook #8 for a bunch of others.

As usual, we got a lot of help in running this event from an assortment of friends and rabbits... here's a big thank you to everyone who helped make the weekend a success! In particular, I'd like to thank Eeyore and 'Becca and Dan and Zarf (of the Pittsburgh Toast Society) for their invaluable help in getting us unpacked and set up, and torn down and packed up. Thanks also to Mar, who joined myself, Kristin, and Alison, in the full-time running of the Cafe (including frequent stints as the pop-tart waitron). And of course, thanks also to all the fans who hung around teaching new folks how to play our games, especially Jacob, Kory, Hal Haag, Marc Drexler, and Craig Forbes. Thanks y'all!

Last chance to vote for the Origins Awards! (Voting ends June1... and don't forget to confirm your vote!)

Have a Great Week!

the story so far
Thought Residue
One of the many things I dig about staying up all night and sleeping during the day is the way that it's kind of like time travel. Since Stuff usually Happens during the day, sleeping through large parts of the day leaves you with a greater sense of having skipped ahead a few hours than does sleeping at night. More importantly, being up and around in the dead of night when nothing else is happening is the next best thing to spending a few hours with Time somehow frozen.

I'm so anti-incumbency that I think there should be a one-term limit on the presidency. The two-term tradition was set by George Washington at a time when everything was a lot slower to happen than things do in our modern world. Nowadays, four years of anyone is long enough, for me at least. And imagine if the president didn't have to spend half his time (in what will probably be the second half of his only term in office anyway) campaigning for re-election?
"With more than 2 million people behind bars (there are only 8 million prisoners in the entire world), the United States-with one-twenty-second of the world's population-has one-quarter of the planet's prisoners. We operate the largest penal system in the world, and approximately one quarter of all our prisoners (nearly half a million people) are there for nonviolent drug offenses. Put another way, the United States now has more nonviolent drug prisoners alone than we had in our entire prison population in 1980." -- "The War at Home", by Sanho Tree, from Sojourners Magazine (Christians for Justice and Peace)


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