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The Walbus

What are the Literary References among the Artifacts?

Using my fingernails to pick some vegetable fibers out from between my teeth. Gina's sitting beside me on the couch eating the remains of a salad out of a big white plastic bowl. She's talking on the phone to her brother. She says "OK."

Cool Words

mistigris (miss'-tigg-riss, miss'-tigg-ree) n. 1: in the game of poker, the extra card, or joker, which may have any value the holder wishes. 2: a variation of poker (usually draw-poker) where the blank card or joker is played as a wild card in this manner. [from French mistigri the knave of clubs, presumably played as a wild card in certain games] (also apparently a popular name for cats in France, or even a nickname for people).

Haiku Reviews

Gigantic: A Tale Of Two Johns %}

in the giant steps
of Spinal Tap, Hard Day's Night,
and Stop Making Sense.

Tirade's Choice

The Official Shotgun Rules

"Since ordering your initial display at GAMA , all I can say is WOW !!! Your display paid for itself in the first month. One of the best turnover game displays in our store!" -- Rich Deibel, of the Game Shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Thursday, June 5th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Zarcana Stickers / Alliance's Game Day

Isn't this a wonderful photo? I was taking pictures of a Zarcana game Kristin and I were playing when I captured Marlene in the background, having a great laugh. (And speaking of great pictures taken this weekend, don't miss the photos Mar took of Alison climbing a tree!) It's a little hard to tell from the angle on this shot, but the deck we're using is the Aquarian Tarot, as adorned with a new set of Zarcana Stickers I've created. These new stickers work particularly well with the Aquarian, but they'll turn any deck of 78 cards into an easy-to-learn Zarcana deck. The stickers are now available as a free download, and the Aquarian Tarot is now for sale in our gift shop.

I've been pushing to get these new stickers finished because I'm planning to use them on the decks we play with at the Zarcana tournament I'll be running at Origins. Even if you've never played the game before, I hope you'll consider competing... Zarcana is a game that even a beginner can win, and with these new stickers, it has become an easy game to learn as well.

Speaking of Origins, here's an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We're preparing a special bag of goodies for everyone who pre-registers for the Big Experiment by buying their ribbon in advance, and the deadline for pre-registration is midnight tonight. So, if you're planning to attend, don't delay signing up any longer! (And if you're squeamish about using your credit card on the internet, or for some other reason you can't get your ribbon purchased by tonight, then just let us know directly that you plan to attend, so we can set a rabbit bag aside with your name on it.) Also, you can't sign up for overlapping events, so if you want to attend both a tutorial and a tournament, choose the tourney and just show up for the tutorial!

Last Friday, Kristin and I drove up to the Alliance East warehouse for an afternoon of demo gaming they called a "Game Day." Here's a photo from that... it was a nice opportunity to show off our line to a fairly small group of mostly local retailers with only a few other manufacturers competing for their attention. And they even fed us pizza! It was a fine afternoon...

Have a Great Week!


the story so far
Thought Residue
Ed Rosenthal could have gotten 6-20 years or more in jail, but instead the judge sentenced him to one day! (Unfortunately, that still leaves hundreds of thousands of other marijuana-law offenders wasting away in our prisons, all at the expense of you, the taxpayer...)

"Maryland has more citizens in prison and jail (an estimated 35,200) than all of Canada (31,600), though Canada's population is six times greater. [...] It took a century and a half, until 1980, to reach 500,000 inmates [nationally]. Then, in slightly more than 20 years, the prison and jail population grew by 1.5 million. A major cause of the increase is the war on drugs." -- Robert Field, "Locked Up In Land Of The Free"
"I prefer our system in the UK of having a Prime Minister who theoretically can be thrown out of office on a vote of no confidence at any moment. If you get a good one you don't want a rule which states you have to have a new one after four years and if you get a bad one (or a good one fades) you want to change sooner than four years." -- Michael Orton's comments on my one-term limit idea from last week, on the Something mailing list


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