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I put my glass of iced Vietnamese coffee down carefully on the table. Gina says, "Love you." I look across the table. She is smiling.

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infrangible (in-fran'-jib-bull) adj. 1: incapable of being broken or separated 2: inviolable.

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"Zendo is a bit more sophisticated, more imaginative and less mathematical than classical Eleusis... It's one of the very few games that is both really fun and a real brain burner." -- Bruno Faidutti's
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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? A Party for Seven Fathers

We had a big Father's Day party here on Sunday, but before getting into that story, I wanted to share with you this charming photo of Mary and her mom Lisa, hanging out with our resident snake, Benji. (Jake had arranged a special visit to Wunderland.Earth this week, so that his daughter could see a real snake up close, and as you can see, she was delighted.)

Anyway, Kristin and Alison and I have been living together for well over 4 years now, so we decided it was time to have a big party we could invite all 3 of our families to. They way, they could all meet each other, plus it would give us a reason to get the house really well cleaned up for a change. So, we picked Father's Day as a convenient excuse, and sent out invitations several weeks ago.

Here you see the guests of honor. From left to right we have my brothers Howard and Jeff and my Dad, then there's Kristin's Dad and her uncle Jerry, and that's Alison's Dad in the green shirt. The extra picture is of Alison's uncle Jon, who arrived later, bringing the total number of Dads to seven. Along with the three of us and all the other relatives who attended, we had a total of 23 people in the house on Sunday! But it all worked out great... everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, we had plenty of delicious food, and nothing got broken!

We were very happy that everyone who could attend was there, but we were particularly happy to see Kristin's Dad on his feet. Just the night before, he'd returned from the hospital after undergoing a pretty major bit of surgery. Apparently he has a rare disorder called Myasthenia Gravis, the treatment of which included the removal of his thymus gland. When we first heard about the timing of his surgery, we considered rescheduling the party, since it seemed unlikely he could attend so soon after having his chest cut open (and by the way, his scar is pretty impressive). On hearing this, however, he was determined to recover fast enough to attend, and he did! Yay!

I'm also very proud of my niece, Sharon (that's her Dad in the green "Looney" shirt). She wrote this wonderful little gem of a prose piece about the Moon, and her school district's magazine published it! I got her permission to re-publish it here, and I hope you'll find it as charming as I did. (Then again, being her Godfather, a NASA-geek, and a fan of nanofiction, it's possible I'm biased...)


Have a Great Fortnight!
(In other words, this page will not be updated next week... we'll be at Origins!)

the story so far
Thought Residue
It's one thing for a top White House counter-terrorism adviser to quit because the job is understandably stressful... but it's something else when he joins the campaign of the other party, determined to get his old boss removed from power as soon as possible.

"When I wrote Wasted, the story of my son's drug addiction, I thought marijuana was a stepping-stone to heavier drugs. I'm now convinced that pot had nothing to do with it. Marijuana: Not Guilty as Charged is a valuable and honest book -- a "must read" for anyone who wants to know the truth. David Ford also presents ample evidence that marijuana is medicine. It's a compelling book, and it often reads like a spicy novel." -- William Chapin, as quoted on the dust jacket of Marijuana: Not Guilty as Charged
"After all the recent stupidity with 'Freedom Fries' etc, it made me chuckle tonight when I ate at the Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz to see that their fries are now called 'Impeach Bush Fries'." -- Paul Russell, on the ba.food and scruz.general newsgroups, June 15th, 2003


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