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Katrina Timeline

Thursday, September 15th 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

Oct 10, 2005

What's Going On? Still Very Busy

As I mentioned last week, Family Fluxx is at the printer. (So is EcoFluxx, and Fluxx 3.1, and even Japanese Fluxx!) To make sure everyone's excited about it, I'm putting up this Family Fluxx product shot I just took. (Obviously, I had to use prototype cards for this, since the real ones aren't here yet... but they look OK to the camera.)

Other than that, I don't have much to report on this week. We're still very busy. I still haven't revised the rules to Giant Circular Fluxx. (It's tricky since I've never seen a play-test in person.) I'm still working on the changes I feel are necessary to get Chrononauts back into print. I'm still packing for the Big Move, which is still a long time from actually happening. (I still haven't gotten beyond Box 253, because I'm still pasting stuff from the walls into my big scrapbook.) We still haven't gotten our Canadian Immigration paperwork sent in (although it is mostly filled out). I'm still looking for Homeworlds opponents who'd like to meet up for a game at our local coffee house. I'm still waiting on pins and needles to see if Canada agrees to turn Marc Emery over to the DEA (the extradition hearings start tomorrow). I still haven't done my weekly status report, let alone my yearly status report. I'm still aghast at what happened to New Orleans, and I'm angrier than ever at Bush and his people. I can only hope that this latest fiasco leads to his impeachment.

AndyThanks for reading, have a great week, and Don't Forget to Play!

Thought Residue
"When President Bush stays on vacation and attends social functions for two days in the face of disaster before finally understanding that people are starving, crying out and dying, it is time for him to go. When FEMA officials cannot figure out that there are thousands stranded at the New Orleans convention center - where people died and were starving - and fussed ineffectively about the same problems in the Superdome, they should be fired, not praised, as the president praised FEMA Director Michael Brown in New Orleans last week. When Mr. Bush states publicly that 'nobody could anticipate a breach of the levee' while New Orleans journalists, Scientific American, National Geographic, academic researchers and Louisiana politicians had been doing precisely that for decades, right up through last year and even as Hurricane Katrina passed over, he should be laughed out of town as an impostor." -- Gordon Adams, "After Katrina Fiasco, Time For Bush To Go"

"In the last ten years he [Marc Emery] has paid over $600,000 in taxes to the provincial and federal governments declaring on his income tax form "marijuana seed vendor". Health Canada has even sent him customers to buy seeds to grow medication and does not get bothered by the police. The community accepts him and he has the backing of NDP leader Jack Layton as well as many other politicians. Marc has made millions of dollars and yet he only owns the shirt on his back. The $3 million a year he is reported to make goes right back into his belief in freedom for the people. So why would our Canadian government consider extraditing a Canadian citizen that is not considered a criminal to a country where he could face a life prison or even the death sentence? Let's make our politicians and law enforcement understand we the people will not tolerate it. We want to be free and we don't want more prisons. The US drug war has proven itself to be a horrendous failure, as the budget increases each year so does the drug problem. The US has more prisoners per capita than any other country in the world, seven times more per capita than Canada. This is in large part due to the drug war, a staggering number of the prisoners are there for marijuana offences. Prohibition has created a huge high priced black market for a weed that could otherwise be grown anywhere by anyone for free. Ever since that ill-fated day in 1971, when Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs, the US has built and filled jails at a criminally insane pace. Most marijuana smokers are law-abiding family orientated people and putting them in jail for smoking a harmless herb is wrong. " -- Paul Greer, "Freedom Fries, Drug Czar Lies"
When I was a kid, and you missed (or couldn't see) a movie new in the theater, you had to wait "until they show it on TV." That was the worst, since of course that might never happen. Then came the video era, when we were waiting only "until I can rent the video." Now I realize I'm doing the same thing with premium-cable shows. For example, I'm really interested in this new series "Weeds" but I don't get Showtime, so I'm waiting until next year, when the whole first season will undoubtedly be available on DVD.

"You've got to hand it to Looney Labs. They know how to design simple, fun, sociable games that serious gamers, dilettantes and kids alike can enjoy. My husband and I first discovered Looney Labs years ago, when we picked up a copy of Fluxx. The next year, we discovered Chrononauts, the time travel game, soon to be followed by Chrononauts: the Early American edition. Our five-year-old son enjoys all of these games, even though they're not quite age-appropriate, in that they require significant reading. So when a friend recently recommended Looney Lab's Aquarius card game as fun for kids and adults alike and requiring only minimal reading, we knew we had to pick up a deck. Our son, you see, has become a game fiend in recent months and finding games that are suitable for him, but tolerable or -- dare we hope? -- even genuinely fun for us has become a matter of self-preservation. Aquarius, I am happy to report, fits the bill perfectly. Something of a cross between classic dominos and Fluxx, with a dash of 70s nostalgia thrown in for atmosphere, Aquarius is trivially easy to learn and surprisingly engaging for a game in which luck, more often than not, trumps strategy. Two to five players can play and even the youngest players, if capable of counting to seven and memorizing the meanings of a handful of symbols, need not feel disadvantaged. The brightly-colored, psychedelic 60-card deck features various permutations of five basic 'element' illustrations... They are pretty darn cool illustrations, and invariably draw admiring attention. This game is fun and it knows how to flaunt it." -- 5 star review of Aquarius at Epinions.com

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