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"My older sister met the creators somewhere and brought the game when she came to visit, I left my copy home in Michigan when I joined the Army but there was a game store in the mall for Christmas and they happened to have Fluxx, now all my friends want copies and every time I go into any store that sells any type of game I ask if they have Fluxx and since they all say no, I tell them they need to look into it." -- Troy P. of Fort Richardson, AK


Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
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What's New?

Welcome Luisa! (Finally!!!)

It's hard to believe how fast time flies. It's been almost a whole year now since I first mentioned on this website that we were interested in hiring a girl from Greenbelt named Luisa. I call her a girl from Greenbelt (which for those who aren't local is the suburb next to us) but really she's from Mexico. She's been living here for almost 11 years now, on various student visas, and she's long been a close friend of many of the people in our social circles, so it's easy to think of her as a local herself, when in fact she's a foreign national.

We think Luisa is an extremely good fit for our team and we've been eager to put her on our payroll, but since it wasn't legal for us to do so, we've had to spend a lot of time jumping through all sorts of crazy hoops. I won't bore you with the many sad and frustrating details, a saga of talking to different lawyers, just missing government deadlines, and ultimately needing to travel back to Mexico to petition for re-entry at the American Embassy, so that she could come here and take this job with us. But the long and short of it is, she's successfully been given official government permission to work for us! Here she is, showing off her fancy new visa!

And why is Luisa so uniquely qualified for this job as to make us file formal paperwork to request permission to hire her? Well, she's got an impressive knowledge-base on environmental issues (she's been in school a long time, remember) and as such we've hired her to head the EcoFluxx foundation. We are making donations from the proceeds of our game EcoFluxx and want her to do research on environmental NGOs to see which projects will get the most bang from our buck. She will also be in charge of the contents of the web page dedicated to the EcoFluxx foundation. This page will have information on the game as well as information on environmentally sustainable living. We hope to spread memes of sustainability through our website and through playing EcoFluxx. Luisa will also help with the greening of Looney Labs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and with day to day operations, including sales and other random duties.

So, it's been a long strange year, trying to be allowed to hire a long-time friend who lives in the neighborhood, but we've finally gotten our papers in order! So welcome aboard Luisa!

In other news, we're mostly just going crazy right now, getting ready for Origins, which is next week. Which reminds me, this webpage will not be updated next week!

AndyHave a great week, and hopefully we'll see you at Origins!

Thought Residue

I've been learning all sorts of fascinating things today from the aptly-named DamnInteresting website, including:

  • Nuclear reactions have occurred naturally! (At least once, in Africa, long ago, when radioactive half-lives were longer)
  • An early atomic bomb "putter-togetherer" died in 1947 because they were testing chunks of radioactive material at near-critical levels by holding them apart with a screwdriver, and he slipped
  • There's a movement to demolish the Georgia Guidestones, a strange, anonymously constructed monument built on public land in 1980
  • The Russians spent decades trying to drill a hole so deep they'd break through the crust and into the mantle (but they never quite made it)
  • In India, most people who report Near Death Experiences say they were returned to Earth because of a bureaucratic mistake, such as having the same name as the person whom Yamraj (the Hindu God of Death) was actually expecting

"So, say 'yes.' In fact, say 'yes' as often as you can. When I was starting out in Chicago, doing improvisational theatre with Second City and other places, there was really only one rule I was taught about improv. That was, 'yes-and.' In this case, 'yes-and' is a verb. To 'yes-and.' I yes-and, you yes-and, he, she or it yes-ands. And yes-anding means that when you go onstage to improvise a scene with no script, you have no idea what's going to happen, maybe with someone you've never met before. To build a scene, you have to accept. To build anything onstage, you have to accept what the other improviser initiates on stage. They say you're doctors -- you're doctors. And then, you add to that: We're doctors and we're trapped in an ice cave. That's the '-and.' And then hopefully they 'yes-and' you back. You have to keep your eyes open when you do this. You have to be aware of what the other performer is offering you, so that you can agree and add to it. And through these agreements, you can improvise a scene or a one-act play. And because, by following each other's lead, neither of you are really in control. It's more of a mutual discovery than a solo adventure. What happens in a scene is often as much a surprise to you as it is to the audience. Well, you are about to start the greatest improvisation of all. With no script. No idea what's going to happen, often with people and places you have never seen before. And you are not in control. So say 'yes.' And if you're lucky, you'll find people who will say 'yes' back." -- Stephen Colbert, Knox College 2006 Commencement Address, June 3, 2006
"Americans still live in one of the few countries that kill people to make clear what a terrible thing killing people is. Hardly any other civilized place does this anymore. In the past three decades, the number of nations that have abolished the death penalty has risen from 16 to 86. Last year four countries accounted for nearly all executions worldwide: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States. As my Irish grandmother used to say, you're known by the company you keep." -- Anna Quindlen, "The Failed Experiment"

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