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Thursday, October 1, 1998

First, the New Stuff:

Kristin's gotten Majordomo running on the new server, which in English means we now have a robot taking care of our internet mailing lists. As a result, the New Products mailing list is now automated and may actually start getting some use. Additionally, Kristin has created a mailing list called the WWN Update list. She made it for Gina, but it will be of interest to any loyal readers who might like notification of each week's update. Each Thursday, when Kristin uploads the new files, she'll send a little message to the WWN Update list announcing it.

When I described the stickers we were going to have made to give away at the Freedom Festival, we still had enough time to get the artwork sent off to the printers and get the stickers back before the event - but just barely. And at first it even seemed as though we'd made the deadline. But while the files arrived just under the wire, it turned out later they'd been corrupted in transmission and were dropped from the print run. So we lost out, which sent us back to the drawing board.

With less lead time, our printing options were limited to photocoping, so in order to make our ads as interesting as possible, I worked up some new artwork for the 1/6 sheet ad flyers were making: one a generic ad for, and the other a little Iceland cartoon that advertises the Iceland cartoon. Thanks to the power of recycling, these two things are now button options on the Wunderland Boosters Club page.

Fresh thoughts in my brain this week:

  • As of tomorrow, I'll have been doing these weekly updates for one year now! How time flies.


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