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Thursday, September 20th, 2007

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Haiku Reviews

In the Shadow of the Moon %}

Ancient astronauts
talk about an almost lost
piece of history.

Plus: The Simpsons Movie :)

Daft Hands

Tirade's Choice

Edward Gorey's "The Trouble With Tribbles"

"Fluxx makes a great tool for kids on the autistic spectrum because it is a fun way to practice mental flexibility! I am a Looney Labs fan precisely because it was effective in loosening up the rigidity of thinking that goes along with autism. Now, at 15, he has internalized what it means to 'don't count your chickens before they hatch!' I'll be ever grateful to Andy for giving me a tool to teach that lesson in such a fun way." -- Maureen K. Reed, President of High Content Games, on the Edu mailing list

an excerpt from the new Gibson, a doodle-dandy painting from the Civil War,
plus some links

Liam & Tara's Wedding

Last weekend our friend Liam got married to an awesome and beautiful girl named Tara. Congrats! We've seen Liam go from having really long hair to getting it all cut off to having really long hair again, and he's helped us out with everything from running the Lab at many of our Big Experiments to programming for us, as an employee, back when we were building a big software system we call SuperFRED. He's long been a regular at our game night and has been the Werewolf an astounding number of times. Seven years ago, he gave us crash space in his room when we visited Carta Mundi to watch Chrononauts decks behind printed. Liam won the Icehouse "Triple Crown" in 2002 by taking home medallions for Finalist, Winner, and Cooler Than Ice. In short, Liam has been a great friend for a long while and we've had a lot of adventures together. So it's really cool to see him happily enchanted by a charming lady who I don't really know very well just yet but who I'm sure is Liam's equal in excellentness. I wish them all the best forever!

It was a wonderful wedding, held at a popular spot for such things among my people: an historic old building nearby called Adelphi Mill. It was an outdoor ceremony with lots of wonderful unconventional moments, like when Tara slashed through a symbolic barrier with a sword to reach Liam, who was there to meet her with a giant bowl of brownies. Everything was fantastically decorated, with massive numbers of flowers (which Kristin and particularly Alison spent a lot of time helping prepare), and happily even the weather was perfect. After the ceremony there was feasting and dancing and Cake, which was chocolate and very delicious. I even managed to squeeze in a couple of quick games! Along the way I spent a lot of time talking and reminiscing with a fascinating array of friends, some newish and others whom I've known for a lot longer than Liam, all of whom are part of the community that gathered for this wonderful celebration of Liam and Tara's new life together.

In other news, the Countdown to Zombie Fluxx is almost over! They'll be here very soon! So to make sure everyone's excited about it, we just mailed out about 7000 postcards to the customers and retailers in our database! It's the same postcard we were handing out at Origins and GenCon, featuring the Start the Clock promo card, which we're trying to use up now since the Countdown is almost over. (Speaking of which, we do still have some left, so if you work in a game store or similar venue and you want some more of these to give away, just ask!)

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Zombie Fluxx yet?

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue
We can now finally say "You can play hundreds of games with these pyramids!" since the 200th game milestone has been recorded at (Thanks to David Artman for pointing that out, not to mention for moderating the 5th Ice Games Design Contest!)

Blank Uptown tiles fit perfectly into Icehouse Game Boards! We just got our first look at the newly-published version of our friend Kory Heath's new game. (Congrats Kory!) They made the tiles exactly the same size as the ones in Kory's prototype, which he'd made using surplus ELBS (the little black squares they cut out when making Volcano boards). As a result, the extra tiles included in the game fit perfectly into the holes in our gameboards (as shown in this photo uploaded to BoardGameGeek).

I'm becoming increasingly hopeful that the 2008 election season will include serious discussions about ending marijuana prohibition. Support for reform has finally moved beyond the Third Parties and into the Second-Tier Candidates of the two major parties, most loudly voiced by Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel. ("We need to end the drug war," Gravel is quoted as saying in an article on his struggling candidacy that appeared in the 9/9/7 issue of the Washington Post Magazine.) Plus there's a possible showdown coming next summer, when the Democratic National Convention is held in Denver, a city that recently voted to legalize pot.

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