2001 Testimonials of the Week

"My friend found a site on the web that listed the most popular games. And Fluxx and Chrononauts were 4 and 5 on the list. So, we searched to find these games and only found one store in our area that sells them. We bought them out and I need more for Christmas gifts! These are excellent games! Great job!" -- Leah, Rhode Island, USA
"I found out about Fluxx from a friend, then about the other games from your website. I LOVE THIS GAME! Andrew Looney is a genius. I am no longer bored at parties and I can stand people's social annoyances if I can only rope them into a good Fluxx game. Can't wait to try Chrononauts..." -- Marcus, Of Vineland NJ, in comments accompanying an order
"Chancing across Wunderland is like discovering a pocket of hippies that somehow have managed to fight off the cynicism of the past few decades and stay true to their ideals. This rich subculture is one of the things that makes Icehouse such an appealing game system." -- Ron Hale-Evans, in an article on Game Systems posted to TheGamesJournal.com
"The Chrononauts card game is ingenious. The game play is highly addictive, as is illustrated by the sizable local following after only three weeks. It is constantly asked for for demonstration and actual play, and competition can be quite fierce." -- Christopher, in an email to us
"The box to Chrononauts asks, 'So, you want to be a Time Traveler, eh?'. I have another query: 'Is this game fun to play?' My reply? An emphatic Y-E-S!" -- Marty Goldberger, in a review that appeared in the Gamers Alliance Fall 2001 Report
"I love Fluxx beyond all reason! It is one of the greatest card games of all time. A close friend of mine had a deck and got me hooked on it. She has now moved away and I'm going through Fluxx withdrawal. I need my Fluxx fix! Your game is wonderful! Thank you!" -- Aaron, in comments accompanying an order
"I learned about the game [Fluxx] at a Family Christmas Party, We played it with 6 people ages 8, 16, 17, 29, 38, and 54. We all had so much fun playing it, I knew I just had to get it." -- a web-customer named Karen
"This weekend we visited my wife's nephew, Tom and his wife Peggy. They introduced us to Chrononauts and we could not stop playing. Of course, in order to drive home we had to quit, but unwillingly. Your game sold itself." -- comments accompanying an order
"[Cosmic Coasters] is really a game for anyone. I introduced some friends who rarely play games of any sort to it, and they fell in love with it instantly, refusing to stop playing until they had won. The kind of game you could play at a bar with pretzels and beer nuts, Cosmic Coasters makes for the perfect coffee-table game. It's a great little game and worth the small price." -- Derek Guder, in Games Unplugged issue #11
"Looney Labs is making the best new games I've seen in a long time. So far I have Fluxx, Chrononauts and Q-Turn and have played Icehouse (Martian Chess) and Aquarius. Fluxx is more fun than Nuclear War, and not nearly so cynical. Chrononauts is thought-provoking and hysterical, all at the same time. And Martian Chess is definitely mind-warping. Keep the cool games coming!" -- Bill, comments accompanying a mailing list signup
"It probably was Looney Labs games that first encouraged me, after my Magic experiences, to take a kinder, friendlier approach to games." -- Mark Cipolone, on the Rabbits mailing list, 9/30/1
"Blanxx gets my vote for best expansion of a card game for 2001 in the GAMA awards. It's really no contest. The expansion is as good as *you* make it. Encouraging homebrewn gaming. Gads, that's what made Doom and Quake popular. Promotes creativity." -- Paul Blake on the Fluxx mailing list
"Friend brought Icehouse to a gaming group. Melted brain playing Zendo. Need a hug." -- comments accompanying an order from someone named Flynn
"Just wanted to drop a line to let you guys know how much me and my circle of gaming pals are enjoying Chrononauts! I live in Northern California, but happened across a deck at the Wizards of the Coast store at the Beverly Center in LA a couple of weeks ago. Man! Ever since I got back, people don't want to stop playing! I've turned over 2 dozen people onto this game and they are scouring the nine counties looking for their own decks. Keep up the outstanding game designs!" -- Marc, of Mill Valley, CA
"One of the coolest things about the con was getting to play with the giant cardboard Icehouse pieces. I played many a game of giant Icetowers in the hall and helped attract attention from passerbys. In fact the only regret I have for the entire con was that I dropped out of the middle of the Icetowers tournament (being played in giant scale) with one win to my credit, in order to go to a panel. As it was Dave ended up clinching the title in what I understand was a great game." -- Sam, on the Rabbit mailing list, just after WorldCon 2001
"[Here's] how to get people to buy Fluxx with so many other games sitting around: don't tell them about it. If you do that, they'll smile, nod, and move on. Just play the thing. After five minutes they're hooked and suddenly realize they can't live without it. Yeah, all this is rampant braggadocio but when something goes right sometimes you have to shout it from the rooftops." -- JK Grence, on the Rabbit mailing list, talking about how his manager at Game Daze in Tucson gave him a good performance review with the comments "AWESOME at selling Fluxx and other cool card games!"
"A friend of mine, hopelessly hooked on Icehouse (thanks to me :D), ended up picking up a set, along with Black Ice. Now he's going around school teaching people how to play Martian Chess...I have to say, after finally giving the rules a shot, it's really a great game. I'm sure everyone had the same reaction as me upon reading the rules over (Whaaaaat?), but it does indeed work. Mind you, I'm terrible at it, but it's a very deep game, and I'm hooked." -- Mike, on the Icehouse mailing list
"I look back on that day with a smile, as it really did reenergize our game-playing spirit. FLUXX requires thinking, but it has such random components that even the most skillful player will not always win - that's just the way it is. Knowing that a win or loss did not reflect his ability to play granted my husband a freedom that allowed us to enjoy this game together, leaving the competitive spirit behind." -- from "FLUXX: an unlikely wedding gift?", a review by Angela Knight posted at epinions.com
"I decided to spend my afternoon at the Looney Labs demo table only to discover that the nice young man was the one and only Andrew Looney, designer of my all time favorite card game, Fluxx! He must have thought me quite looney as my jaw dropped, I reached out my hand to shake his, and the way I gushed and thanked him for bringing such joy into my life. Looking back on the experience, I'm surprised he didn't run away from the table screaming "Security!" I was so excited to play-test the new Nanofiction game he brought, play a few games of the classic Fluxx, and learn the Icehouse game IceTowers. My husband got tired of hearing me talk about what a grand time I had playing games with the actual designer of the games. What a kick." -- Michelle Corbin, describing her experiences at Gen-Con on the Rabbit Mailing list
"We would clean the dirtiest bathrooms in the world for twenty-three years if we could get blank Fluxx cards. You guys rock." -- Ingrid of Nashville TN, in comments accompanying an order
"First off, I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, but you rock. I'm in the University of Oregon Gaming Club, where Chrononauts and Fluxx are played to the point of obsession. It's a game that easy to learn, highly addictive, and in parts completely hilarious. Thank you so much for all the hours and hours of fun! </singingofyourpraises>" -- email from Cory of the University of Oregon
"Thanks for the speedy service! My family (daughter Christine - 15 and son Marcus - 13) and I love to play Fluxx, and your other games look great too, so we are eagerly awaiting the new ones. With so much television watching going on these days, it's so good to be different and actually talk to each other and have fun as a family through great games like yours. Thanks for all your creativity!" -- email from David of Huntington, NY
"Gameplay: (* * * * *) Wow! This game is absolutely amazing!"
"Overall: (* * * * *) This is without a doubt my new favorite traditional card game. I only wish that I had played it sooner! It is a stimulating strategy game that is unparalleled in design, and fun. Chrononauts' time has arrived, and now is the moment that you should buy this game!"
-- review of Chrononauts by Brian Spicer, in Dungeon Crawler magazine
"I just wanted to thank all of the folks from Looney Labs and those associated with Wunderland for a great time at the Big Experiment. It's a great feeling to be greeted by so many friendly faces for pick-up games as well as the tournaments." -- Brad Weier, on the Icehouse mailing list
"The timeline alone is incredibly well researched (and I mean that in the sense of bothering to look for connections in history and possible consequences, not simple historical fact. Then again, Andy may actually have a time machine, and be hopping around the timeline, changing events higgledy-piggledy, just to see what the effects are, so that he can create the *most* accurate time travel game possible.)" -- Paul Blake, on the Chrononauts mailing list, 25 Apr 2001
"And by the way...I am quite impressed with your customer service. After the day that I have had with my cellular phone company and their shenanigans, it is quite refreshing!" -- comments received by email from a customer named Andrea
"Fluxx is one of the best party games I've played in many years. The rules are incredibly easy to learn, the action is fast, and every game is different. It plays equally well with two players as it does with 6, though the more people you have, the more often the rules change. :-) All in all, I'd give Fluxx an A+. Highly recommended." -- review of Fluxx posted at conacopia.com
"a while ago my housemate showed me Fluxx. then i found Aquarius. then my friend showed me Chrononauts. then i submitted a nanofic to the competition. now i'm hooked! the girl scouts got me addicted to Thin Mints, now you've gotten me addicted to neato games. ack!" -- josh (Waltham, MA), comments accompanying an order
"I finally got my Fluxx today, and after a day's play we have reached a decision... You lot are without doubt the most stark-staring raving bonkers people we've ever bought anything off! Thank you!" -- Matthew, of Reading, UK, in an e-mail to us
"Like Button Men, Cosmic Coasters skimps on "game", but makes up for it with "novelty": "yeah it's not the greatest game of all time ... but it's on beer coasters!!" For that reason alone I foresee myself playing Cosmic Coasters as often as any other of my recent purchases. And that's not too shabby for a game that costs about the same as the beer you'll set atop it." -- Matthew Baldwin, in a review of Cosmic Coasters posted to the Games Journal
"Very enjoyable. Simple, yet complex. Had fun. I know some people didn't get it, though." - Comments on Cosmic Coasters from a male Mensa Judge between the age of 14-33, collected at the 2001 Mensa Mind Games competition
"Oh come on...are you saying you wouldn't plop down 10 bones on any game that comes out of Andrew Looney's head? I sure would...he hasn't come up with a bad one yet." -- John Weldy, on the Chrononauts mailing list, 26 Apr 2001
"The boyfriend came and went, the love for Fluxx (he had an ancient B&W deck) stayed. Oh, Despair!, when I thought I would not be able to find a deck of my own! As per the whims of the USPS, I shall soon be again empowered." -- Ramie (Cookeville, TN), comments accompanying an order
"The rules are simple, fitting entirely on the back of a single coaster. Like all good abstract strategy games, though, the rules are deceptively short. The game's strategy is satisfyingly deep and luck plays an acceptably minor roll in determining the winner." -- Brad Weier, in a review of Cosmic Coasters published in Pyramid Magazine
"Fluxx is pretty kickass when stoned." -- Aimee the Magdalene, on rec.music.tori-amos
"Do you know what you people have done to my marriage? We've turned OFF the television after the kids go to bed and actually have conversations over hand after hand of Fluxx. Had we had Fluxx sooner, we could have saved hundreds of dollars on marriage counseling!" -- Barbara, via email
"I thought the idea was elegantly simple and very interesting, but wasn't quite sure how it would play. So in addition to lots of games of Chrononauts, Fluxx, and Aquarius, I got to play several games of Cosmic Coasters. I LOVE IT!!! I got several of my friends who happen to be Chrononauts fans interested in the game, and most of them have said they will buy it once it is available. Most notably I discovered that when you are playing that many games of Rock Paper Scissors in a row the game becomes very psychological and strategic; I used Rock 5 times in a row hoping my opponent would crack before me. The game is much deeper than it looks from the surface. I give it an A." -- Sam, on the rabbit mailing list
"I LOVE the website and all its myriad links. My boyfriend, a writer, has become enamored of nanofiction, which he can write on his Handspring Visor! I can't wait to get Chrononauts. We love you for your minds!!! So, now we've decided we must tell the world, indoctrinate all our friends and family, etc. we love Fluxx, and have no doubts about Chrononauts, based on all the hearsay and what we saw on the website. If you ever wonder about the worth of your jobs, just know that you are furthering human communications and enhancing the planet's fun quotient. Never underestimate the power of that, or the good that can be done by making people happy. Thank you!" -- Kathleen, in comments received via email
"Okay, time for me to eat crow. You remember that game I said didn't have a chance around here given its theme, packaging, and price point? "Chromonaughties" or something like that. Michael Cox said, "You're gonna to try this, or I'm gonna pimp slap you from here to Waukegan" (only he said it much more politely) and sent me one of Looney Lab's sample copies of Chrononauts. I grabbed a couple of kids in the store and tried it... [puts on bib, pulls up plate] My, but this is a tasty heapin' pile of steamin' crow here. Yum. Yum." -- Chris Aylott, of the Space-Crime Continuum, on Delphi's Game Industry Forum
"Well, Lewis, I'd have to say that it's a beautiful idea, just like everything the Looneys do. I've been FLUXX-minded since before I entered the industry, and thoroughly in love with every game they've done. Great People, Great Games." -- Rolfe Blythdon Bergstrom of Wargames West, commenting on the forthcoming product Fluxx Blanxx, at the Game Babe's Retreat forum on Delphi
"My Icehouse set arrived today...I am so happy! I'm very pleased with the quality. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much...I've worked in an injection molding facility, and clear & translucent colored resins are the PITS. They're usually a nightmare to run, but these look so clean! You should be very nice to your manufacturer, the quality control is excellent. I had to hunt to find any intrusions, only two of my pieces came pre-scuffed, and the clipping is top notch." -- Jenn Smith, in an e-mail to us
"Buy this! Buy it now! Now now now! These pieces are great. If you have an iota of creativity in you, you will no doubt come up with rules for a pretty good Icehouse game just by handling these things. I chalk it up to Pyramid Power. For those unaware, Icehouse is a set of 60 plastic pyramids: 5 in each of three sizes in each of four colors. These work rather like a deck of cards in that they can be used to play a variety of very different, incredibly addictive games unlike anything else seen by mortal men. Well, mostly unlike anything else seen." -- Paul Blake, in a 5-star review of Icehouse at FunAgain.com
"I would definitely recommend it if you like history, time travel and the manipulation of said event by said means. The cards are worth the $20 just to read them." -- Bo, owner, The Gamer's Den, commenting on Chrononauts on the Game Industry Forum
"My wife doesn't usually like to play games that much, but lately she's been bugging me to play Aquarius almost every day! Great game!" -- Larry Wheeler, via email
"A friend of mine gave me Chrononauts for Xmas and we're so addicted we played for 12 hours straight!! What a wonderful game!" -- Chaminda David Geevaratne, in comments accompanying an online order
"My staff has been going through Looney Labs games trying them out for the past few days. Aquarius is the first one I have played with them. I AM HOOKED!!! Aquarius is the most fun I have had in a good long time.... Now if I could just win a game. I can't believe I am having so much fun losing." -- D.P."Vern" Vernazzarro, host, on Delphi's Game Industry Forum
"[Cosmic Coasters] is a very nifty game, and I hope to play it again soon! One thing in particular I really like about it is that there's no hidden information, and yet it's not deterministic like Chess. You can see at a glance what position you're in, and you feel like you've earned a victory, but it doesn't 'prove that you're smarter' the way Chess victories do." -- Bob Galloway, on the Rabbits mailing list
"I have not tried Cosmic Coasters yet, but my assistant manager has, and he seemed keen on it. Now, I did finally get to try Chrononauts myself. The game has sold well, but now that I have played it, I think we will be moving a few more copies! This game ROCKS!!!" -- Rob Placer, owner of The Gamer's Realm, on the Game Industry Forum at Delphi

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