2004 Testimonials of the Week

"I was introduced to Looney Labs by a friend in my gaming club in September 2003. I played Fluxx then, and enjoyed it enough to buy my own deck. Now, I've since progressed beyond Fluxx into Chrononauts, and then Icehouse. I love the Icehouse pieces. Being able to cram dozens of deep games into a single drawstring bag really aids in keeping me and my friends entertained." -- Joshua Thompson's rabbit bio   "My favorite Looney Labs game is Nanofictionary which when I first heard of it, I thought it was going to suck. However upon playing it, it is one of the craziest games I've ever played. I can't wait for Looney Labs to come out with their next game. However until then, I'll keep waiting and playing their current ones." -- Tyler Rueth's Rabbit Bio "First of all I love Looney Labs. I was told about their games by a friend and thought they sounded really kewl. So I bought Chrononauts and fell in love. So now I have started falling in love with all of their games. I tell everyone who will listen about the games. I love LL games for their base simplicity and mind challenging strategy. I am always looking for an opportunity to play these great games." -- Aaron Berger's rabbit bio
"A friend introduced us to Fluxx and we were hooked! It's such a handy, portable game. Great for the train!" -- comments from Chris of San Diego, CA
"I've had a couple of LL games for years now, but since I got to enjoy your table at Ubercon this fall it reminded me of how much fun they are now that Christmas present time has come around. So, though our group didn't buy anything that same day, your time demoing games for us did pay off a bit! Thank you!" -- comments with an order from Jeremiah of Parsippany, NJ "IceTowers is purely abstract and very minimalist; going in, I expected it to be on the dull and simple side, but I was quite mistaken. Like Chess, Chinese Checkers, or Go, there is genuine elegance and complexity hidden beneath its surface simplicity." -- David Crippin's review of IceTowers in Issue 9 of Undefeated magazine "Each time I've played Zendo it stayed on the table until everybody decided to go home. It's quite addictive. I've played a few other Icehouse games, but until recently I had not played Homeworlds. Since the time before I even bought my pieces, I had read the rules to many of the games, and this is the Icehouse game in which I've been most interested to play. Even after buying the pieces, I still hadn't gotten around to trying it until last Friday when I tried it with three other folks that I play games with regularly. All I have to say is wow! This is a really great game... We all agreed that this game is good enough that if it was a regular packaged game, we would consider it worth purchasing." -- Joss Ives, Gamefest Guest Blogger
"I think the idea of making experiment kits and having people do mini and little experiments during National Game Week is a great idea. I've been toying with the idea of doing a demo of some sort for a while, but haven't really been able to figure out how or when to do it. Now that there are specific instructions and tools for running experiments, I feel a lot more comfortable doing a demo, since I don't have to worry about how to run it or what sorts of prizes to give. Thanks to all you Looneys (and other assorted folks) for putting all of this together, as well as creating some wonderful games." -- Brian Campbell, on the Rabbits mailing list this week "I was lucky enough to play several games with the Looneys at a recent convention (Lollagazebo in Edison, NJ, in the winter of 2003, for those of you scoring at home). Andy Looney is very strange to play with, as he despises downtime. My first game of Volcano was against Marlene and Alison (two very nice people from Looney Labs), along with Andy; at the same time, Andy was playing games of Cosmic Coasters and Homeworlds. At one point in the evening, Andy surveyed three games on the table in order, saying, 'It's not my turn in this game. It's not my turn in this game. It's not my turn in this game. It's not my turn in any game.' The next day, I was lucky enough to play a game of Nanofictionary with Andy, Alison, and another conventiongoer, using the Looneys' personal deck. It's twice the size of a regular Nanofictionary deck, because it's jammed full of custom cards that they've come up with since the game's release. It was very strange, seeing Nanofictionary cards drawn with marker mixed with the 'official' printed cards... and both sets of cards had the same style of artwork! Needless to say, both games were lots of fun." -- Gil Hova's comments in a BoardGameGeek.com "geeklist" entitled "Games you've played with the designer(s)"
"And then it happened. It was so sudden - nobody would have seen it coming. I was on a bus in Queens with my best female friend, going from some somewhere to another somewhere. She reached into her pocket. There it was. Nestled in her worn glove was a small black box, lovingly shrink-wrapped, the multi-colored letters adorning the front cover. 'Fluxx.' And then everything blacked out. Just kidding. I was incredulous, getting louder by the second in my excitement, and as huggy as your favorite happy drunk. People on the bus stared, but we didn't mind. As I unwrapped my gift, she explained that her fiancee had found it while on a business trip in Oregon, and had bought it for me because he knew I had been searching everywhere for it. Oregon! So random, and yet so appropriate. The two-year search was over. Since that day, I have converted bunches of people to Fluxx: family, friends, coworkers... including my originally-skeptical two best girl friends. Nowadays, they tell me to bring the game every time I come over. And yes - every time. I'm buying them Aquarius and Icehouse for Christmas - they'll get a kick out of that. In a time where imagination has been replaced with cheesy plastic toys and brain-numbing 3D graphics, you have created GAMES WORTH PLAYING. Congratulations and... thanks." -- email from a fan named Jaifi
"I was first introduced to Fluxx a couple of years ago, and I've since addicted a number of others to it and tried a number of other Looney games. This is I think my fourth order from y'all, and everything's been great so far. Keep up the good work! :)" -- comments with an order from Derek of Madison, WI "Played FLUXX at a friend's house and LOVED IT!" -- comments from Todd of Seattle, on how he found out about our games "Andy completely changed how I view our government's persecution of marijuana users. For reasons I cannot explain, Andy is able to communicate in a straightforward and logical way which is persuasive to his readers and listeners. Leaders like Andy, particularly in marginalized movements such as the marijuana legalization movement, are important to our winning the 'hearts and minds' of those who think differently. Indeed, we need more people like Andy." -- Joseph Andriano, on the Something mailing list, during discussions of our plans to move to Canada
"I can't wait to get my Icehouse game, which I am already hopelessly addicted to, even though I haven't even played it yet. I got addicted just reading 'The Empty City' and some of the game rules online." -- comments in an order from Jim of Dover Plains, NY "This is a fine game, whether played individually or with the original game. Definitely delve into the past a little further with this new game of paradox and time travel. And while there, pick up a tasty treat." -- Wayne Tonjes, reviewing Early American Chrononauts at the GamingReport.com "A friend of mine got me into playing Fluxx years ago with 1st edition and we'd been hooked on it since. Many a night were spent in a diner sitting around playing. Then, one day, I bought my first pyramids....and the rest is history. Now everyone I know has played at least one game of Icehouse, Zarcana, or Volcano with me." -- Michael Foster's rabbit page bio
"The wind, lightning and thunder raged outside our home, and the lights flickered numerous times, but we didn't care. We were too busy playing a game called Fluxx... if you know some players seeking a diversion during the dog days of summer or any other time, try Fluxx. It's inspired pandemonium that can keep entertaining for hours." -- Adele Kroh Lile, from her review in the Courier-Journal of Louisville, KY "Last year I got the pyramids, and I was worried about the price... but they were worth every penny!" -- Tim Koppang, Gen-Con attendee, 8/19/4 "I enjoy your game Chrononauts. I go to my favorite comic book/gaming store and start playing the game solonauts and sooner or later someone either asks 'What's that?' or they know what it is and want to play. Either way I end up playing the game with a group of people. It's a great icebreaker." -- A really big fan of Chrononauts from Georgia named Jason
"Once I got the hang of it, it was tons o' fun! Woohoo!" -- a cartoon turtle learning to play Fluxx "Chrononauts has a very high replay value, and Early American Chrononauts will only extend the replay potential of both games. Dungeon Crawler awards both editions of Chrononauts with the highest possible recommendation. If you haven't given Chrononauts a try, do so immediately, while there is still time!" -- Brian Spicer's 5-star review of Early American Chrononauts, at Dungeon-Crawler magazine "Played Fluxx at a party a few years ago. Since then, I have been buying Fluxx and Chrononauts and giving them to friends as gifts. Everyone's somewhat addicted now. I recently picked up Early American Chrononauts and can't wait to share it with a friend who teaches American history. With any luck, she'll share it with her students." -- Patrick D of Watertown, MA
"Another type of kiddo has difficulty making friends because he can't just 'chill' or spend time with other people without some type of goal. Remember your adolescence? Those endless games of Monopoly where you won, or your friend won, or you just played and played until it was time to clean up and go home for dinner? Maybe the goal is playing and maybe the goal is just hanging out and having a focus. Fluxx can 'sucker' these hyper-competitive guys into playing, but with the shifting 'goal' the end of the game becomes somewhat diffuse, because the winner isn't smarter or even luckier, just the winner, ok, shuffle the deck and play again! Then we can discuss whether it's really important to win or just enjoy playing. This is an excellent game for this, because there is no rhyme or reason as to when the end comes (someone just lays down a goal card and there it is, someone wins)." -- Kelly Brown, talking about how she uses Fluxx in a speech and language setting, from her Rabbit bio "Played Fluxx at a friend's house, couldn't resist buying it ... Possibly the best game I've ever played." -- Hilary of the Isle of Man in the UK
"Chrononauts (the game) is amazing fun." -- short quote from a long review at Everything2 which includes a detailed, event by event description of the TimeLine, complete with comments
"I first bought Fluxx in Borders bookstore, and liked the game so much, I have bought Aquarius, Chrononauts, and Nanofictionary. I like the ways that these games make you think about what it is you are doing, and most importantly, why it is that you are doing it. These are the best games that I have ever played, and look forward to more games from your company. Thank you very much for providing me with hours of entertainment." -- comments accompanying an order from Jon of Meriden, CT "When I worked at a Wizards of the Coast game store , Chrononauts (and Fluxx, and Nanofictionary) was the game I always grabbed off the shelf when people asked me "Are there any good games to play? We're bored with _____" In the time I spent at Wizards and the Game Keeper, I sold about a thousand Looney Labs games... just two nights ago we had a huge gaming session where I got to laugh in glee as my roommate, upon playing the game for the second time, was frustrated because he kept saving the damn Titanic and we all kept sinking it! I love Chrononauts, and I really love all of your games. I will continue, as long as I am able to work and play the games, to push them, and I wanted to say thank you for making them. I know a lot about board games, and truly, Chrononauts is one of the best. I don't really normally write emails to people, but I was pondering this and decided to write this instead of finishing my Fourier. So, from one game player to another, I say thank you, and continue making games." -- email from "A Friend in Time" named Kevin
"Yesterday a friend gave Chrononauts to me as a gift and I love the game. Although I'm not a history buff I am fascinated by time travel as a writer, a physics buff and someone who likes exploring twisted and elaborate logical puzzles, like those that come up from modifying history. I want to thank you for making this game, as well as Fluxx which is one of the most entertaining games ever produced." -- email from a fan named Tim "Thank you, Looney Labs, for one of the most enjoyable card games I've played in a long time. This is a great game, full of fun little facts to surprise your friends with. If you've ever sat in history class and wondered "What if...?" then this is the game for you. Plus, when else do you get the chance to acquire that pair of pet dodos you've always wanted? -- Liza Graham, on the EAC betatesters mailing list "A friend of mine came back to HK from England for a week. I met him for only one day, and with one other guy, we ended up playing Fluxx 3.0 for 6 hours straight. I knew I had to get the game after that." -- Email accompanying an order from Ronald of Hong Kong
 "First off, thank you for Fluxx/Stoner Fluxx -- Absolutely ingenious games. Ingenious in their simplicity. (Simplicity is the key to everything!)" -- Ken B, in a promo card request letter with SASE.
"If you think it's all luck you aren't trying hard enough. I just played for the first time today, and the second and third and I lost count somewhere around ten games. I would still be playing now if everyone hadn't left hours ago. I'm absolutely amazed reading all the reviews here that say it's a mechanical luck-based game. This is about the most cerebral game I've seen in a long time." -- Greg from Canada's 5-star review of Fluxx at FunAgain.com "I quite honestly discovered you through my friend, who suddenly asked me if I wanted to learn how to play Fluxx one day. He later brought in his IceTowers box set and hooked me on that too. I'm amazed that I've never heard of you before. Do you advertise at all? Such inovation deserves recognition parallel to Milton Bradly. Couple that with the awesome way you seem to treat your customers, and you should exspect me to become one of your long-term customers and fans." -- comments accompanying an order from Samuel W of Manhattan Beach, CA "Every now and then a game comes along that is true genius. Well, in this case we've been struck by lightning twice. The game Zendo is true genius, and the gaming system it was built in is also a truly unique and wonderful slice of genius. During play test of this game there was unanimous agreement that this game was great. Each participant had his or her own take on why the game was great. All of which adds up to one unmistakable conclusion: for the demographic which we represent this game is a winner on many fronts." -- review of Zendo at SpiritualGaming.com
"As always, Fluxx is a great game to play with the nongamers in your life. I tested it on nongamers, and nearly everyone liked it after a couple of hands. They even played it without me, which, despite my mixed review, is probably the best testimonial a family game like this can get. " -- Jeff Quick, reviewing Fluxx 3.0 in Issue 5 of Undefeated Magazine "I never thought I'd see such a group of oddballs actually be successful in marketing. Kudos to you. I will definitely buy your games once I get some money. But for now I had a riot just looking over your great site. Just when I thought the site couldn't get any funnier or kookier, there's more links leading out to more great quotes and opinions. Thanks for being what you are and doing what you're doing." -- Marissa "I just wanted to take some time to thank you for developing some of the most entertaining, well thought out, and different games out there. I purchased (and played) my first Looney Labs games at DragonCon 2003 and Fluxx, Aquarius, Are You A Werewolf, and Cosmic Coasters have since turned many a gathering into some of the best parties ever. I've been able to get people who used to leave as soon as any game was mentioned to stay and actually request that we play your games at group gatherings. Thanks for all of your hard work developing and producing the best games around." -- email from Donan of Starkville, Mississippi
"It's highly addictive... Those of you who haven't played it might want to look into it. It's ten times better than Uno or any other card game I've ever played." -- JPM III explaining Fluxx on the alt.movies.the-matrix newsgroup, 2/14/04 "A boy in our scout troop took it to camp. My 14 year-old came home raving about how much fun it is." -- comments accompanying an order for Fluxx "We've been playing your games for years. We've given away several Aquarius decks and have worn out a couple ourselves. (When you can tell which goal somebody has by how the back of the card looks, it's time for a new deck.!)" -- comments accompanying an order for two Aquarius decks from Barbara of Chicago, IL
"I collect games and LOVE your site and love your values, and really appreciate what you had to say re: children, youth, blah blah - really great stuff! Couldn't have said it better myself!" -- email accompanying an order from Pam of Fayetteville, AR "Not only are these lessons kids need to learn -- these are important life skills. Some parents seem to think that their job is to teach their children never to lie. Certainly parenting would be easier with such robots, but in the real world, kids need to know how to lie, for their own good, and not feel guilty about it. We all do! 'That's a nice sweater.' 'I have to get up early tomorrow.' 'You're a really nice guy, but...' And that's only half of it. Kids need to learn that people lie, and how to see through lies. Anyone who can't will have some painful reality corrections in high school. And that's if they're lucky; I think the only people who get suckered into bizarre cults are the ones who don't realize the world is full of dirty rotten liars." -- Jamie's review of "Are You a Werewolf?" at mccarthy.vg
"Your games are quite simply some of the most amazing things I have ever had the pleasure of encountering." -- comments received via email "I previously knew you had a warped mind to create warped games with, but I hadn't realised you had so much good sense too. It's great to see someone in the US standing up for common sense. Good luck getting the US sheeple to think for themselves." -- email about Stoner Fluxx from a fan in Australia named Craig "The hardest thing I've always found when teaching Fluxx to anyone is the fact that most people don't believe me when I say 'everything you need to know is on the cards.' The card will tell you what to do and when to do it. Read all the text of the card... all the way down to the bottom. This is why most people don't believe me, because they usually haven't read all the way to the bottom of the card. This is exactly why I, as a teacher LOVE Fluxx! You know those silly tests some teachers give which are basically a 'test to see if you've read the directions' ...it usually starts with 'read all directions before you do anything' and ends with 'put your pencil down, don't mark anything on this page and look up.' Usually one or two students look up within 3 minutes, and the rest are working for 20 minutes, doing what the test says to do before reading all the way to the bottom first... with usually silly things like 'stand up and turn around three times, then check this box.' Fluxx helps reinforce that reading is a good thing and reading directions is a great thing." -- Carol Townsend on the Fluxx mailing list
"For my 8 & 11 year old kids, a six-hour flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage became a fun fest via Fluxx. It works great on airplane tray tables. They were laughing so loud at the card antics that several sleepers gave us the evil eye - oh well. The game is wild & crazy & we loved it. Thanks for inventing it!" -- email from Celia of Alaska "A friend of ours brought Fluxx over and announced that we had to learn how to play it for it was 'the best game in all of the world.' Luckily for us, it was." -- emailed comments from Christina

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