2007 Testimonials of the Week

"I didn't dare to dream that Fluxx could be possibly improved further. That is until I played Zombie Fluxx! Freaking awesome game play." -- email from Eddie J "I really dig that your games are made in America. I dig that your 'Carl Sagan was a pothead' tidbit reminded my roommate that astronomy is awesome, even though her professor is doing his best to squelch all the fun out of it. I dig that you're a bunch of hippies, making smart things for smart people, and smart things for everybody else, too, because there's always potential for change. So maybe this is more of a love letter than a marketing survey, but this is what you get. Keep up the good work!" --Marina Y, comments with Order #87900
"I love Fluxx and EcoFluxx, but Zombie Fluxx is by far my favorite. As stated above, it has the same smooth play and fun, but adds a tremendous amount of zombie laughs. Everyone should own a copy." -- Don Lindsey's comment on Justin Moore's review of Zombie Fluxx "We had premiered Zombie Fluxx at out store on Halloween night (at Alterniverse in Salt Point, New York), which I'm happy to say turned out to be a SCREAMING SUCCESS!!! We had 15 players show up for the demonstration (12 of these players were new and had never played any of the Fluxx games before). Your new Fluxx game has our people hooked and craving for more. As always, Thank you again for giving us a really cool game!" -- Nikki O'Shea "My cousin Dave bought Fluxx 3.1 from a Mall in Louisville and brought them over for Thanksgiving and we all had a blast. I had to have a Fluxx game too and I am telling everyone I know about it and your web site. This is the greatest game ever." -- Joseph G, comments with Order #87734
"Fluxx makes a great tool for kids on the autistic spectrum because it is a fun way to practice mental flexibility! I am a Looney Labs fan precisely because it was effective in loosening up the rigidity of thinking that goes along with autism. Now, at 15, he has internalized what it means to 'don't count your chickens before they hatch!' I'll be ever grateful to Andy for giving me a tool to teach that lesson in such a fun way." -- Maureen K. Reed, President of High Content Games, on the Edu mailing list "I LOVE Fluxx... I mean... not in the sense that I am going to stalk you guys until you autograph my poodle, but in the sense that 'Hell yeah' I am going to tell everyone I know about Fluxx and Chrononauts and that if they don't play, they seriously have not really lived, and to be as old as people are and to have not really lived, well... that is just something sad man... really sad... and no one likes sad stuff. This is not my first... nor will it be my last... big order. Thank you! For real... Thank you!" -- comments with an order from Nick P of Chapel Hill, NC "This was my 10th order with Looney Labs. Every time the order has been prompt, has included everything ordered (and sometimes a small gift that wasn't ordered) and usually has some friendly note in the memo on the invoice. I'm very pleased. You cannot possibly hear often enough that your company is the example of This-is-how-it should-be-done! Thank you." -- email from Dennis D
"Just wanted to thank you for a great time @ GenCon. The wife and I purchased Fluxx earlier in the year on a whim and fell in love with. Now we take it every where with us. My wife's favorite event @ Gen-con (she's not a big gamer) was playing Zombie Fluxx @ Every-one vs Andy and discovering Treehouse." -- email from Christopher W "A friend introduced me to Fluxx, it was loads of fun, so I ran out to another friend's comic book shop and purchased the main deck with a Jewish expansion pack for good measure. Fast forward a year or so, now with the friend that introduced me to the game, we now have what we dubbed 'Taco Friday's' This is every Friday night where a bunch of people get together and each bring one ingredient for tacos! Then we all eat tacos and play games (including Fluxx, and soon Treehouse when I get my shipment) So I was going to pass out the anniversary promo packs to people at Taco Night! Everyone at Taco Night who has Fluxx will love it, and hopefully those that have not purchased the game will go out and support our local stores and buy it! P.S. A lot of us are really excited about Zombie Fluxx, nothing makes something that is great even greater, like zombies!" --Jarrod W of Tallahassee, FL, comments accompanying an order for a bunch of our 10th Anniversary Promo Card Packets
"A man came to the lab on Saturday evening while I was Top Rabbit and he said that our Lab was the best place in all of Origins. That in all of this huge, impersonal gaming convention *we* were the happiest, most open, most welcoming, most fun place. He said that particularly for newbies, we were by far the most welcoming. He compared us to some of the other large 'open gaming' rooms. He said that in his experience, and that of some of his friends, sure it was possible to go to some of the other rooms and play games, but mostly only if you had a large group of friends already assembled to game with. That to walk in, solo, it was almost impossible to get into a game and then often you weren't sure you were welcome, just 'tolerated' and it wasn't easy to learn a new game. But in The Lab *everyone* was welcome, solo or in a group or for a short time or for a long time, whether a person was familiar with our games or not. That it was filled with happy, friendly people in a happy, friendly space and we made everyone feel special and welcome." -- Di Sudduth, on the Origins mailing list, 7/14/7  "We just returned from a family reunion in Iowa and I have to tell you guys that teaching the kids to play Fluxx (and CLASSIC FLUXX at that) was the absolute highlight of the trip. I had my mother in law ask where you could find the game, so that's got to say something. You guys really rock. I look forward to seeing your future games." -- comments from "a faithful hippie customer" named Karma
"My favorite place in the world to play Treehouse is a bar. Not a gamer bar, not even necessarily a gamer-friendly bar. Just any bar you happen to be at. I introduced some of my closest friends to the wonders of all things pyramidal at just such a bar (a pub in England, actually) when we stopped in for a couple of pints after a soccer match. The progression from, 'What the hell?', through, 'Oooh.... pretty', to, 'So, how does this work?,' to finally (and repeatedly!), 'Let's play again!' was priceless. And has been repeated each time I've whipped out a tube at a bar. The best thing about pyramids and bars? The beer can't damage the plastic - not always true of Fluxx cards!" -- Avri Klemer, from a discussion on the Rabbit mailing list of the ideal gaming establishment

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"Most played this month was Treehouse with 25. I suspect this will be my most played game for many months to come. I keep a tube in my jacket pocket and take it out when the family is waiting for something, like at a restaurant, or the half hour between the kids' swimming lessons. It's a great time killer." -- Dean Maki's reply to a BoardGameGeek Geeklist Question: What game did you play most in January 2007?
"My friends and I, until recently, have played video games when we get together. But we began to realize that, while incredibly fun, there are only so many times one can play Mario Party without getting a little bored. So, I suggested my Looney Labs games (which, admittedly, haven't seen much play lately). Imagine my surprise when they became an instant hit! So much so, that we've begun almost exclusively playing LL games, because they're so quick and easy and fun. I absolutely LOVE the Treehouse design, it's so much better than the old stash concept. And we can honestly say that we've forgotten how much fun traditional games can be. Thanks, Looneys, for injecting a healthy dose of fun into our once-ailing game nights." -- email from a fan named Andrew "Last night I went to a free concert. The man performing was Jerry Leggett. He is touring the US, in a tiny vintage tear-drop RV trailer, spreading an Idea of peace. After the concert I was lucky enough to meet with him. My wife and I took him to dinner. We had a wonderful conversation. My 4 year old was with us, and was getting a little bored with all the adult stuff going on. She asked me if we could play Treehouse. (I always carry her set with me whenever we go out, it's better then crayons!) When I gave her the set she began playing with the pieces. I told her to set up the game and I would play. Not only did she set it up, (no surprise there) but she set up a tree for all the adults. She then turned to Mr. Leggett and politely said 'Excuse me, but you have to play Treehouse.' She then showed him the pieces and began explaining the game. He rolled the die and came up with TIP, and my daughter explained that he had to tip his tree over..." -- email from a rabbit named Bob
"Dear Looney Labs: Our family doesn't venture out of the house without a deck of Fluxx. We've played everywhere from a houseboat on Lake Shasta to a chalet in Lake Tahoe to on a Washington State Ferry. We just love your games!" -- letter from Chris K of Mountain View, CA "I can't get enough of Fluxx. It is my favorite. Every chance I get, I set up a game. My second favorite is Aquarius. My wife and I play at least one game, usually two or three, every Friday night., after we get our 4 year old in bed. Lately I had a chance to play 'Are You a Werewolf' with a large group of people. Awesome Fun! And I am NOT a Werewolf, really its not me, its that guy over there! " -- Bob Winans, Endicott, NY "I first discovered Looney Labs when some friends and I discovered Fluxx in a game store in the local mall. We bought a box and took it home. The next day we went back to the store and bought every copy they had. The Purple Submarine CD in the Blanxx pack led me to Chrononauts and I was hooked on Looney games. I tell anyone I find with even a passing interest in history to get Chrononauts (& EAC), the ultimate What If? game. " -- Matt Fields
"man I love fluxx you are so cool i just watched your tree house game and I wanna play it now it looks great!! just wanna encourage you to keep making great games that I can play my friends with!! literally me and my friends play fluxx everyday.. its amazing!! seeya around!!" -- thegreatace, commenting on the Intro to Andrew Looney video "We've played Chrononauts every night since and that was over a week ago! What an outstanding game! My friends and I are in awe of how well thought out this game is.the myriad of inside jokes and homages to famous sci fi/time travel works, the outstanding quality of gameplay, and the depth of creative freedom while playing leave us in awe, good sir! You can rest assured we are permanent Loonies now, and I'm going to be submitting a Rabbit application tomorrow morning. We've even made plans to go back to the game store in a few weeks. They're having a LooneyLabs game night, and we're going to test our mettle against hardened Fluxxers and Chrononauts!" -- email from Christian B "Father-in-law brought the game from New Mexico, where he plays Fluxx with granddaughter and friends. We just love this game! Even my mom and sister, who never play games, love this game!
" -- Lisa H of Menomonee Falls, WI, answering the question of how she found out about our games
"Thank you for all of your wonderful games - and for being a company whose ethics I can recommend to my students. We have played games with teachers and students from all over the country at these events, and they have been very popular with all audiences. We played a set of games (Fluxx, Are You A Werewolf, Uber-Chrononauts, Volcano, and a couple of others) last summer on the campus of Indiana University, with players from Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Texas, and Oklahoma, attracting interest in gamers aged 11 to over 80. It was fantastic, and an experience I hope to continue." -- Teacher Rabbit Irina Greenman "My friend just introduced Fluxx to me, and I have to say... It is one of the best games I have ever played. We are all hooked. I am very picky about what games I play, and Fluxx is close to the best game ever. I just wanted to say thank you for inventing such an awesome product, and it is now my goal to collect as many Fluxx decks and promo cards that I can." -- email from Davy
"Daddy, will you help me write a letter?"
"Sure, who do you want to write to?"
"I don't know."
"Let's see... We could write to Andy Looney and tell him how much you like Treehouse."
"Actually, I don't want to write a letter... Can we play Treehouse?"
"So you'll have to settle for an email from me... Seriously, she's a fanatic. As you're aware, I'm more of a Homeworlds guy; Treehouse initially struck me as a bit lightweight. But hey, my daughter is 5, and it's a lot more interesting than her previous favorite, the Cinderella-themed jewelry collection game 'Pretty Pretty Princess'. I played Treehouse with her a few times, more or less telling her what to do with each roll. Recently, she realized that tactics within her grasp would give her a reasonably good chance of beating Dad! She immediately banned strategic hints and learned to read the words on the die herself. Now we play most nights, and she's telling me I'm scheduled to teach it to her kindergarten class. I have a very hard time playing any game at less than my full ability, so any game that lets Averill compete fairly with me without feeling like a coin flip is excellent." -- email from Rob Bryan
"I discovered the pyramidal wonder of all things Icehouse in late 2006, whilst browsing BGG. I read the wikis. I bought a tube. I bought some more tubes. Then I bought PwP, some Volcano caps, a Martian Coasters set, Zendo cards, a Chessboard Bandana, picked up Proton, put Chrononauts on my wish list, set up a regular Games night for my family and friends..... well, you get the picture. I've played Treehouse in bars, restaurants and airports with friends and strangers on two continents and counting. I can be found playing virtual Icehouse games at the excellent SuperDuperGames.org - feel free to challenge me!" -- Avri Klemer's rabbit bio "Thank you for all of your wonderful games - and for being a company whose ethics I can recommend to my students. We have played games with teachers and students from all over the country at these events, and they have been very popular with all audiences. We played a set of games (Fluxx, Are You A Werewolf, Uber-Chrononauts, Volcano, and a couple of others) last summer on the campus of Indiana University, with players from Virginia, California, Massachusetts, Texas, and Oklahoma, attracting interest in gamers aged 11 to over 80. It was fantastic, and an experience I hope to continue." -- Teacher Rabbit Irina Greenman
"I played Fluxx with some friends in 2000. Now I play with my 5 year old daughter." -- Heather G of Woodland Hills, CA "This is the Icehouse game that got my wife to understand (or at least accept!) my obsession with these pretty little pieces. Enough simplicity and luck for a non-gamer, but quick and with just enough strategy for a light filler. From here, she agreed to play Volcano, which she enjoyed, but felt brain burned by." -- Avri Klemer, commenting on Martian Coasters at BoardGameGeek.com "I showed several new people how to play Treehouse, who liked the game, but not enough to purchase it until I showed them Martian Coasters. They took to Martian Coasters like a five-year-old to candy. The parents were impressed by the simplicity of the game, and surprised by the challenge." -- Jim Dunaway's event report for a demo at Alterniverse
"I've lost track of how many Aquarius decks we've worn out over the years; I've also lost track of how many we've given away! We've needed a new Aquarius deck for a while, and our Fluxx deck is showing signs of wear. The Family Fluxx is a gift for a friend: she has a little boy who's two and a pair of 7 month old twins. I know she won't be using it soon, but she's making plans for weekly family games nights when they get a little older." -- Barbara D of Chicago, IL "My friends and I had formed a group originally to play D&D, but things were getting a little too busy for all of us to play or plan any campaigns, but we still had an urge to hang out and game together. We had tried video games before, but they get muddled as the group that was playing constantly shifted. Finally, one of my friends decided that one night when we'd planned to go to Denny's, he'd bring out Fluxx. Well, we tried it, and we ended up really liking it. Thus, we decided that certain nights when we got together, we would play card and/or board games. As our nights of these games progressed, we were introduced to Chrononauts, TreeHouse, and Aquarius, the last of which is a current favorite. These game nights also helped to bring our group a little closer especially to the friend who started the whole thing. So thanks, Looney Labs, for some really awesome games and for helping us to come together." -- Brad, seen quoted on Knit Me A Pony's livejournal

We also have a whole page with quotes about why Geeks love Looney Labs Games!
"My family was introduced to Fluxx several years ago by another family at my church. Over the years we've bought maybe a dozen copies of Fluxx (we keep wearing them out or giving them away), and now I am buying some of your other games as college supplies since my family insisted on keeping their copies of them at home." -- Comments with an order from Alan J, currently of the University of Maryland in College Park "For anyone curious about Fluxx in Spanish I used the game in a small Spanish II class last week and it went over very well. The previous week I spent one class period playing Fluxx in English so they could get used to the rules and then brought it out in the target language the following week. They had very few rules questions and maintained steady conversation in Spanish the entire time. I'll probably be placing another order in the next few weeks for 2-3 more sets of the game to run multiple games in one of my larger classes. I highly recommend sticking to 4-6 people tops if running this game in the classroom - especially since the Spanish version has fewer cards than the English." -- Ryan, on the Edu mailing list "Andy Looney has been on our interview wish list for a long time and winds up to be as excellent as expected. Andy has a great sense of humor and makes excellent conversation. Looney Labs games are awesome games for the family and has kept us entertained for years." -- Pulp Gamer's description of Andy's Podcast interview
"I've been traveling around the world doing the global vagabond thing and meeting some amazing people all over the world. When I left I was looking for some simple and small game to bring with me and regular playing cards were boring. So I brought Fluxx! I have now shared Fluxx with dozens of other backpackers in several countries from Iceland to Turkey. Its been a really fun way to make friends. We made up a few new cards to match with traveling and playing Fluxx: a Keeper called Boots and Goal: World Traveler (boots and earth). I look forward to coming back to the States in May and checking out what Looney Labs has been up to." -- email from Matthew Davidson

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