2010 Testimonials of the Week

"Looney Labs creates award-winning games that my kids - and now all the kids on our block - are addicted to. Although they have many other games, we get almost daily requests to play Family Fluxx (the family-friendly version of the award-winning and hugely popular Fluxx card game that's all about change) or Aquarius, the game of matching elements. We couldn't be happier about their newfound passion for card games that make them think. For once, we're as excited to play as they are!" -- Parents Connect's "About Aquarius and Family Fluxx" page "I just recently purchased EcoFluxx and I just have to tell you how great it is! After I got it my sisters keep bugging me to play it with them. We just can't get enough of it! The new artwork is just wonderful! Adding color just lights up the whole game! Camouflage is our favorite New Rule now, it's so helpful when someone plays a Keeper limit. And the new and improved Goals are fantastic as well. When we first saw Turtles, we bursted out in laughter! The idea of a lizard in a shell was just too much fun. Making the Creepers affect everyone's winning potential was a fantastic idea. Whenever one comes up, we all do our best to get rid of it as soon as possible! The creativity and overall fun that this game gives is matched only by other versions of Fluxx. It is truely a wonderful game! Keep making more awesome stuff, it is just too cool!" -- email from Sam M. "spent all last night playing Fluxx - we are soooooo addicted! we LOVE the game!!!!" -- tweet by Frau_BH
"I've been playing Fluxx for a few months. I am hooked. Can't get by without playing a few games each day." -- Beth K, comments with order #108440 "The Looney Labs room at Origins is one of the best areas in the entire show, year after year. Great job again. Thanks for doing such a great job." -- David J Radzik commenting on a photo of me on Facebook "Fluxx with the 'Pandora's Box' rule is the most fun card in the history of card games." -- Tweet by WeirdUncleDave
"I bought Zombie Fluxx for a friend on thinkgeek.com as a gag gift, little did I know we'd end up playing this game anywhere we need entertainment and a table of some kind is available. Absolutely addicted! So I decided just to buy everything Fluxx related." -- Bryon B, comments with order # 107994 "I gotta tell you: Your new packaging works. I've been in the local gamestore dozens of times, seen your Fluxx game in its older packaging many times, and just never even picked it up. Last week, my two daughters were off school and I was wondering how to entertain them. We stroll into the gamestore, and here's the new, very-friendly looking box of 'Family Fluxx'. Very bright; very colorful; not too expensive...ok, let's try it. Andy, we are totally hooked. After a few games, I had to rush back and get the Zombie and (most especially!) the Monty Python versions and there was much rejoicing. I can't wait til this weekend to try Chrononauts as well. Great games; nice artwork; good gameplay: very nicely done. But quite honestly, I don't think I would have tried the game in its older, original packaging. We would have picked Uno or Skip-bo or some other game I know well. I thought you might want to know about this. I doff my horned helm to you!" -- A message written on my FaceBook wall by my friend Gary Peterson "Just had a customer drive sixty miles in the rain on Christmas Eve to buy a copy of Looney Lab's Fluxx. Now that's the mark of a good game." -- Tweet by Scott Thorne of Castle Perilous ga

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