2008 Testimonials of the Week

"WW5 is one of the most fun board games I've ever played. It was great to sit back and watch my opponents try to annihilate each other while I quietly invaded and conquered the country of my choice, thus winning the game without having to fire a single shot or defend myself." -- Message from Jim Dunaway written on Andy's Facebook Wall, 12/23/8
"Just wanted to let you know how much I am adoring World War 5! Continuing the theme of gameboards that utilize treehouse pieces in this manner is awesome and I think it adds a lot to the greater 'system'." -- Message from Sam Zitin written on Andy's Facebook Wall
"Been playing Fluxx since it first came out. What a great game. Donated several Ecofluxx games to the school science class! My kids love Zombie Fluxx. Can't wait to try Monty Python Fluxx!" -- comments with an orer from Linda S of Leesburg, VA
"I decided to get more Fluxx cards because my friend wanted to play so badly, he was tempted to steal the deck from our math department's common room." -- comments with an order from a student at Princeton named Robert
"My father was given a Fluxx deck, and the whole family fell in love with it. When I asked a friend to pick me up a deck at a local store, he also got Chrononauts for me, which we loved even MORE -- so this year, I'm doing all of my Xmas shopping from Looney Labs!!" -- comments included in order #90577 "We got our first version of Fluxx from a friend several years ago. I now buy Fluxx for every birthday party we get invited to - and I play the game with whatever kids my teen daughter drags home with her - and they ALWAYS ask for their own copies! We play Aquarius and Chrononauts at home too!" -- Alexandra O, comments with Order #87746  "I was at a local game shop and someone had specially ordered Treehouse. We checked it out and learned how to play in 10 minutes, and wound up playing for 2 hours straight! Great game guys :)" -- Stephen B of Holyoke, MA
"I bought Fluxx and Chrononauts about 3 or 4 years ago and have since picked up a few more copies of Fluxx as gifts, as well as adding Zombie and EcoFluxx to our home collection. We LOVE to play and are looking forward to Monty Python Fluxx. I also really enjoy your website and your messages about drug use are very clear and educated. I am proud to support your company, keep up the good work!" -- Angela W of Salem, OR "I just played a fantastic game of Zombie Fluxx with some friends at a party. It was one of the few games that made my token "nongamer" friend want to be a part of the game. That inspired me to track down some more Zombie Fluxx items to make the game even better." -- William D of Raleigh, NC "One of our students introduced us to Fluxx while on a mission trip - when we weren't working or eating, we were playing Fluxx!" -- Derek D of Stephenville, TX
"Thank you so much for your games. I originally gave Chrononauts to my nephews and they have been addicted ever since. I have just given them EcoFluxx for their birthdays and all other gifts were thrown aside once they had this in their hands. Thank you for your excellent games and keep up the good work." --Julie A, of Springvale, Maine "We've become huge fans of your games (since we were introduced to Fluxx a few weeks ago). I am encouraging all my teacher friends to get it for the classroom -- my 7 year old son loves to play Fluxx -- and is motivated to practice his reading skills in order to play." -- email from Linda L of New Lenox, IL "I randomly decided to pick up Zombie Fluxx at The Game Store and I found out that it was the sweetest game ever! Than I went back and bought 3 more." -- Paul C of Staten Island, NY
"Thank you very much for everything. It's actually 100% because of Looney Labs that I own a game store today: I have been a Mad Lab Rabbit for years; When Dov opened Games & Gifts Galore a few years ago, he had asked Looney Labs if there was anyone who could come to the store's Grand Opening to demo Looney Labs games, and you guys gave him the names of all of the local Rabbits. After helping out at the Grand Opening, I helped Dov with dozens of other events for various games and game systems, and after a couple of months I was hired on permanently as the Store Manager. Now a couple of years later, for the reasons I mentioned in the paragraph above Dov sold the store to me. And now, at 21 years old, somehow I own and operate a popular and successful game store, thanks to Looney Labs. Thank you all, for *everything*." -- Christopher DeSalvo, owner, Games & Gifts Galore "A local gamer who belongs to our church hosts a quarterly game night there. The last one was attended for the first time by a young, Fluxx-owning couple active in our congregation (luckily the ones who frequently watch our ten-month-old for us, so we've seen them & played Fluxx since!). Everyone loved it & no one wanted to leave when the night was supposed to end! Thanks for making us want to own our own! : )" -- Comments with an order for a Christian Fluxx bundle, from Pastor Natalya of Tower City, PA
"We have a game of the original Fluxx (second edition I believe) and we love it. We own probably a hundred games (we are game freaks!) and we play Fluxx every day at least a few times a day." -- Christine P, comments with order #89159 "Hopefully we'll win this auction. We're HUGE fans of Stoner Fluxx. We play every night before bed, without fail. The deck we have we bought a few years ago, and the cards are so sticky that it's near impossible to play. Thank you for giving the world Stoner Fluxx. Huge fans." -- Lee and Becca, comments regarding the auction at eBay of an unopened copy of Stoner Fluxx
"Chrononauts (and EAC) have been runaway favorites for me. Firstly, time travel is a genre I've always had a strong fascination with. It's hard for me to have a bad session of Chrono. If Chrono were just about the timeline, or just about the artifacts, it would be dull. But it's that combination of all those things happening at once that really works for me. Chrono is an adventure in a compact box. I never feel that I am without a productive move, and I never feel so far behind that winning seems unreachable. It's chaotic enough to keep things fresh and exciting, and strategic enough that I feel like I'm earning a victory, that I'm accomplishing something. It has a pace that lets me sit back and just enjoy watching the game unfold, yet lets me participate in that unfolding. (I also play Fluxx and Icehouse games, too!)" -- Ryan Hackel's Rabbit Wiki Bio "I learned to play Fluxx after a day at the Oregon Brewers Festival. I have loved it ever since. It's fun precisely for the reasons that 'gamers' hate it. Strategy can be planned and formulated and then you have to scramble to reformulate it. Primarily, for me, the game doesn't seem like work. One of the reasons I don't enjoy computer RPG games is the grinding tedium of them that makes them ultimately seem like very complicated but nevertheless tedious factory work. Fluxx is more like backgammon than anything else that I can think of. You can have a strategy, sure, but one little dice roll can keep you bumped and ruin everything you were working on for the whole game. That tends to be why chess players don't care for backgammon. :)" -- CSBMonkey, comment #57 added to the article about Fluxx on BoingBoing "2007 was a very 'Looney' year for my wife and I. We went from only owning regular Fluxx to having every boxed Fluxx game, Aquarius, Chrononauts, and lots of pyramids among other Looney things. Many people in our family gave and received Looney Labs' games at Christmas and we played many of them together on New Year's Eve. So, THANK YOU! for bringing so much fun and joy into our lives!" -- Anthony K, from a private email
"I love Fluxx. It's most certainly untrue that there is no strategy to the game--sound strategy will increase your chances of winning significantly--but it is true that there is a lot of randomness to the game. That makes it a game that's wonderfully suited to people who revel in the unexpected and completely ill-suited to people obsessed with winning every game they play." -- Jordan, comment #47 added to the artcile about Fluxx on BoingBoing "I've played Fluxx (use this game with students in Reading classes that I teach), Zombie Fluxx (LOVE THIS GAME!!!!), Treehouse, Martian Coasters, Aquarius (LOVE THIS GAME!!!!), and Chrononauts (use this game with students in Reading classes that I teach)for the past five years. I saw Fluxx at a local game store (Tabletop in Overland Park, KS) about five years ago. I started playing Fluxx with my middle school Reading students. They LOVED Fluxx. I now use it as a reward for completing lessons. Every year I introduce new students to the game. I get the same reaction year after year: 'Where can I get this game?!?!?' My students beg me to play Fluxx AT LEAST once a week after I introduce it to them. I like to teach and play the game with them because it requires them to READ what is printed on the cards (BRILLIANT IDEA!!!). They are reading while they think they are getting out of reading(pretty sneaky, huh?). I also give away copies of Fluxx to students who have top scores on their end-of-year Scholastic Reading Inventory tests. I have introduced all of these games to many, many people over the past four years. Everyone is blown away by these games... Thanks for providing all of us with hours and hours of great fun with the games Looney Labs has produced!!" -- Lyle W, comments with order #88952
"I have found that a demo copy of Treehouse on the counter and a 60 second demo game sells out more copies of Treehouse than any other game I demo. It is one of those games that has to be played in order to realize just how much fun it is. And as soon as you beat whomever you are demoing to, rest assured they will want a rematch...like money in the bank." -- Eric J. Morgan, Critical Effect Games "First of all, I want to say 'Thank you' for such a great new game, Zombie Fluxx! I've demo'd the game at the store and played multiple times with my co-workers, my wife and a few friends. Everyone who has tried the game has asked to play multiple rounds and had a great time. Even those few who haven't played Fluxx before (I've introduced it to everyone I know) had an easy time grasping the ever-changing rules and laughing at the fast paced format... As a side note, I've been talking about Fluxx, Chrononauts, Nano-Fictionary and Aquarius to everyone I know for years. Zombie Fluxx is the first game that seems to appeal to everyone I mention it to. It looks like you've created a real winner and I thank you for the 'doorway' to your other great games. My non-game playing friends are already interested in sitting down with Aquarius soon." -- Email from Cobolt

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