2009 Testimonials of the Week

"I'm seriously addicted to Zombie Fluxx it's not only the CRAZIEST card game I've ever played, but it's the most fun and so hilarious" -- tweet by bug0058 "The creative minds at Looney Labs have struck gold yet again with Martian Fluxx... I played this game with several folks all of whom had a great time pretending to Martian invaders. I must have played three dozen or so games in the first weekend after getting my copy. Some games were really short, others long. But each game was different and exciting and kept us all laughing as we tried to take over the Earth. " -- CPA Association Newsletter review of Martian Fluxx "Just won 2 hands of fluxx in a row! Next to my child being born, the greatest moment in my life!" -- tweet by mickzilla
"I tried out Traitor and I can easily say it's one of the most fun games I've ever played in a group. Everyone had a fantastic time, and we're all looking forward to playing it again soon. Thanks for making it! I was surprised at how negative some of the online reviews online are, and wanted to let you know that our experience was really, really good. Thanks!" -- email from Zak D. "I am a grad student pursuing a Masters of Occupational Therapy degree. I recently finished a three month internship on the rehabilitation unit of a skilled nursing facility. The facility is a non-profit organization, and consequently does not have a large or varied amount of therapy supplies for use during patient treatment sessions. During my internship, I worked with a lot of patients who were admitted to the facility for stroke rehab, and I immediately brought in my Treehouse pieces to use for fine motor rehab. I cannot tell you how great Treehouse pieces are for fine motor rehab and cognitive rehab -- I used the pieces to work on in-hand manipulation, the pad-to-pad grasp, the tripod grasp, supination and pronation, visual motor integration, visual perceptual skills, sequencing, etc etc etc. It was easy to grade activities to match patients' skill level due to the various sizes of the pyramids, allowing me to continually increase the challenge as patients' fine motor and cognitive function improved. By the end of my internship all of the occupational therapists at the facility were using my Treehouse pieces with patients who had fine motor and/or cognitive goals. [...] I want to send a big thank you to all those involved in the creation of a product that helped patients make remarkable progress on the fine motor skills needed to accomplish even the simplest of everyday tasks. I will continue to use and recommend your product as an excellent therapy tool." -- email from Alece K of Seattle, WA
"Fluxx is one of the best games ever. That is all." -- tweet by Chris Sadler, June 1, 2009 "I'm addicted to all your games! I LOVE Fluxx (and have gotten many people addicted to it!) Next step: Treehouse...I bought my first set at the store today and can't wait to try them out with my fiance. (He's a Fluxx fan too!) Thanks for making such great, fun games! I'll never forget my first game of Fluxx...I laughed for a half an hour straight!" -- Katherine W of Boston MA, comments with an order "We've played FLUXX for nearly five years now. We have introduced it to a number of friends who have also gone out to get their own set. We LOVE it! I'm ordering now to pass it out to Airmen who are deployed who look for something entertaining and social after long hours defending our nation. Thank you for this game - it is addictive! " -- Brian N, comments with Order #101450
"When I was looking at Guests of Honor for this year, you were mentioned as people who are great GoH's, and I must say that reputation is well-deserved. I really appreciate your part in making GameStorm 11 a success." -- email from the Con Chair of GameStorm 11 "Fluxx till nearly 4am at the diner last night, woke up at like 9, taught brothers to play, played for 2.5 hrs." -- Tweet by JoviAllTogetha "I just heard Andy's podcast mentioning 'Are you the Traitor?' and think it sounds like the most brilliant idea from Andy in quite a while. It sounds like the first really original take on Werewolf by anyone for a long time." -- swandive78 on the Icehouse mailing list, 3/3/9
"I tried out a game of WW5, and I love it. It's kind of what I was going for when I designed Dog Eat Dog for last summer's IGDC, only with a board... and without the design flaws that I still need to iron out in my game. :) Keep the good games coming, Andy!" -- Jason Darrah, on the Icehouse discussion mailing list "EcoFluxx is a VERY good Fluxx set. I thought it was going to be hippie crap. Glad that I was wrong and am a tool for Fluxx." -- tweet by EdwardTheFirst "The best Looney Labs Icehouse game of 2008, WW5 delivers what it promises... a Risk-like game that can be played in 30 minutes or less. It's earned the three magic words, 'Let's play again!'" -- Ryan Hackel, at BoardGameGeek

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