2002 Testimonials of the Week

"I just started college this fall, and one thing that made its way into my dorm room was my Fluxx game. I introduced some of my friends to this wacky game, and they love it! We are now getting ready to start finals week here, and I'm really not sure how much studying we are actually going to get done...oh, well. Thanks for making such a great game!" -- comments received via email "A friend showed Fluxx to us and we played it for three days straight! We love this game!!" -- Jenn B. of Durham, CT, in comments accompanying an order
"My son received Fluxx as a birthday present last month. This weekend, we introduced the game to my brothers, who were visiting for the thanksgiving holiday. What a blast! Even the most reserved of my brothers was giggling like a young one. The best part was that the children and the adults actually played together, and the tv was off for quite some time. Of course, everyone wants to buy several sets as holiday gifts." -- Email from Louis M "A friend of mine brought Fluxx to a party we played for HOURS. I am HOOKED! Shame on you for creating such a great game." -- Larry G. of Shelbyville IN, via email "Nanofictionary, is a smash hit with my friends, family, and even teachers. When I first got the chance to play it, I was thinking, 'They've done it again.' My friends all agree: Nanofictionary is excellent. It was the gaming day's highlight. We played the game one time in class by dividing the 24 kids into 6 teams.... All the kids loved it, and now my English teacher has now instituted that the last Friday in every month is Nanofictionary Day." -- Email from Chris L, who would love to attend a con and meet the Looneys but is yet to get permission from his parents since he's only 14. :)
"I have to say that I was quite skeptical regarding this game because of the subjective element of having people judge each others' stories. BUT, it's great! The subjective judging is only part of the score, which probably helps: the other two parts are getting finished early, and involving lots of elements. However, the real strength of the game is what's on the cards--story elements that are just specific enough to spark the imagination, and just general enough to have the "flex" (or, "flexx") needed to be combinable. I have yet to see anybody get a completely unworkable combination, and I've seen several really great little stories emerge, and the occasional smashing success, as when somebody got the Giant Sentient Broccoli as a character, and They Were Out of Food as the problem." -- Brian M, via email "Fluxx is a cool little card game made by Looney Labs, a small indie game maker who are just adorable. Fluxx is good for long plane trips and long waits in airport lobbies." -- stuffilike @ megan.scatterbrain.org
"I'm hooked. You're weird. Thank you for being so." -- Peter J, of Copenhagen, via e-mail
"Truly, this game is addictive. And I can't think of a better game for getting children to develop divergent thinking skills. No family (or classroom) should be without this game." -- the description of Fluxx that appears in the Chinaberry mail order catalog
"I love your new store display: It's compact and complete. The casual browser is drawn to the bright colors (you know how people love bright, twinkly things), and then they examine each item. 'What are these triangle things?' I hear, and then I start my Icehouse 'tutorial'..." --Wendy Sheridan, of the Moon & Star, Rahway, NJ
"I recently discovered Icehouse and it is the most original and highly entertaining game I have seen in a very long time. The versatility of the Icehouse pieces are worth praise by themselves, but the games you have created for them are spectacular and creative. I just wanted to take the time to extend a word of gratitude to your entire staff. Thank you for your games and the effort you have put into them to make them original and entertaining." -- Ben H, via email
"I've gushed before, but I have to again: Chrononauts is absolute genius in a box! It's so amazingly thought out and fun to play. It is *by far* my favorite game of all time. Thanks for the fun! :)" -- Chris K, in an email
"An inside look at a group of people that, in my opinion, are living the ideal life. To me, Wunderland is a weekly reminder that it is possible to do what you love and still make a living." -- one of the descriptions of this website we received in response to a recent survey
"I found out about you guys when I was trying to find a place to buy an Aquarius deck (which I was obsessed with after Seventeen had a contest in which they were giving them away.) I LOVE LOONEY LABS! You've brought out the super game geek in me.:)" -- Krystal F., Chesapeake, VA
"I keep a copy of Proton in my briefcase, as well as in my tournament deck box. This little game looks like one of those sliding-number puzzles, but the sinister minds at Looney Labs made it much more devious than that. You can play this one solitaire or with a friend for a really challenging experience." -- John Kaufeld, "Got A Minute? Games To Play Between Rounds", Scrye Magazine, Issue 53, September 2002
"This game became perfect when Looney Labs began releasing Fluxx expansion sets - a few blank cards where you can make your own New Rules, Keepers, Goals and Actions. Fluxx just became your own customized homebrew set with in-jokes for your friends, and it answers the call that many players have with games: 'if only it had [whatever], this would kick more ass.' Fluxx: a game I wish I could make the sweet, sweet lovin' to." -- Ryan's review of Fluxx at HMFY.com
"If you have NOT ordered Nanofictionary, please report to the principal's office immediately. This is 'Once Upon a Time' on speed. It's tied with Chrononauts for my favorite Looney game ever made. Buy more. Now. Please." -- Michael Webb, Director of Customer Service for Alliance Game Distributors, on the Game Industry Forum
"Personally, I think Nanofictionary is going to be one of the biggest award-winning games that we have seen in quite some time. I shall be very surprised if it does not win an Origins award, a Games100 award, a Parents' Choice award, a MENSA Select Award, and a couple of dozen others. Go Andy." -- Evil Liam, on the Rabbits mailing list
"The hour I spent in your booth Saturday was the most fun I had all weekend." -- Grey E, via e-mail
"While camping in Wyoming last week, I taught IceTowers to my niece and nephew, ages 5 and 7, my 13-year-old son, and a nine-year-old random kid from the campsite next to ours. They LOVED it, especially after the youngest finally understood the rules." -- Alan A., on the Icehouse mailing list
"Showed Zendo to my mom last week, and now she's some kind of Zendo junkie, and I ended up having to give her all my stinkin' pyramids for her birthday, which isn't even until September." -- David M., of Northfield, MN
"At some point during the weekend I realized that my fears were completely unfounded - I think I was afraid that you and your community wouldn't be as cool, as smart, as warm, and welcoming, and incredible as it seemed to me that you all were from a distance. Geez... was I wrong. Everybody there made me feel incredibly welcome - and I know that hanging around with your Rabbits has been one of the most wonderful experiences in my life. I am *definitely* on board for next year, and look forward to helping out more with the Big Experiment. You guys have a great group of people around you - and I know that just about everybody who wandered into the room must have felt it right away." -- Russell G, emailing us about the fun he'd had at Big Experiment #3
"I wanted to let you know that as much as I love the games you've made, the thing that has impacted me the most are your achievements and the magical lifestyle you live and promote. I have found inspiration to aim high and do what I WANT as opposed to what I should, and I thank you." -- Ben J., via e-mail
"Playing with Pyramids is by far one of the most impressive gaming documents I have ever read. Even if you have seen the rules on-line, the book provides updated and rewritten text as well as strategy tips. If you have little interest in abstract strategy games, this book is still an excellent example of organization, clarity, and flavor that can help anyone interested in writing rules for their own games." --Brad Weier, reviewing PwP for Pyramid
"Zendo was the hit of my 11-year-old daughter Jenny's birthday sleepover. Five 10-12 year old girls played Zendo until too late, and got up to play before and through breakfast (which is why there is maple syrup on some of my Icehouse pieces!)." -- Peter Aronson, on the Icehouse mailing list
"I've been an avid player of your games for about four years now, and it was your essay 'Stoners in the Haze' which finally convinced me that marijuana prohibition should be ended. In fact, I'm attending Vermont Law School starting this fall, and a good portion of the reason I'm attending law school is that I want to help end prohibition as well." -- email from Joe Andriano
"I'd like to note that Icehouse games, particularly IceTowers, Zendo and now Cracked Ice, have usurped Slime Volleyball as *the* thing to do in study halls (besides, um, work)." -- Jonah O., on the Icehouse mailing list
"I enjoyed that game so much it's not even funny. It's probably my favorite game on the 3DO console. I picked it up the day it came out and was totally crazy about it the moment I first played it. It's a shame the system and the game didn't sell well because both the console and the game we're great. Icebreaker will always be in my top 10 favorite games that I've ever played and I thought I'd take a moment to write you and tell you that." -- A fan named Joe, via e-mail
"I'll cast my vote for this one. I introduced it to my wife one weekend, and she insisted on playing it for weeks afterwards. To date, its the only Icehouse game she's played, and the LL game she likes the most." -- Allen Firstenberg, on the Icehouse mailing list, 10 May 2002
"It's a great game: we keep one deck at home and the other travels with us. An Aquarius deck + 2 large coffees (decaf for me) + a table at our favorite coffee place = a really nice Sunday afternoon. Thanks for making the world a lot more fun." -- Barbara of Chicago, in comments accompanying an order
"I'm a huge fan of Looney games. Games in general, but Looney in particular. It's gotten to the point where I just buy stuff on faith, as long as it has the Looney Logo on it. Keep up the good work!" -- Peter T. of Morris Plains, NJ, via email
"I read a review long ago, and recently did a Google search on abstract games, and found Icehouse. It's excellent (I've made some paper stashes), and makes me think the reviewer was very dull, as he "didn't get it". Congrats on changing the face of abstract gaming for the next 100 years!" -- Aaron, of Naperville, Illinois, via email
"I use your game Fluxx in a seminar that I designed about dealing with change. It is a perfect illustration of how difficult is can be to deal with change but how necessary it is to accept it and keep going." -- Tim M., Development Specialist at a Major Corporation
"A friend of mine has nearly everything you make. I really like your games but every two or three months he buys a new Fluxx deck ("old one was dusty," he says), and I think he has about 9 copies of Aquarius (OK, maybe 3). I know he has 4 sets of Chrononauts. Let's not talk about all the Icehouse pieces he owns. I really like Aquarius--decided to get my own copy of this great game. Buying the buttons for the other members of my gaming group who also love Looney Labs." -- John O of Tampa FL
"We found out about Fluxx when my son played it with friends in the high school marching band while they sat in the bleachers during football games waiting to perform. He came home raving about what fun Fluxx was. His friend who brought Fluxx had learned about it from another student in a summer math camp for girls." -- June, of Lincoln Nebraska, in comments accompanying an e-order
"I love this so much in Chrononauts, I have given people artifacts they wanted just for patching the paradox even when it wasn't my goal. It just makes me happy." -- Stephanie Clarkson, after suggesting some new card ideas on the Fluxx mailing list: Keepers called "Fairgoers" and "German Cake" and a Goal to go with them called "Fairgoers Love German Cake"
"Game play is fast and easy to learn and in our ten or so games, there wasn't one question that wasn't addressed in the rules (pretty good for a game where paradox is a key element)." -- Steve Donohue, in a 4.5 star review of Chrononauts posted to the Gaming Report
"Just wanted to say you guys are great and I love introducing people to your games! On Christmas eve I convinced a bunch of my relatives to play Fluxx. They all started out assuming I was introducing them to some "lame" game or something...I'm happy to say though that after one game they couldn't get enough of it, and kept on coming back for more Fluxx all night!" -- Comments accompanying an order, from Joseph, of Ohio
"I picked up Fluxx in game store then separately fell in love with Icehouse. When I found out that the same company made both I became a devotee. Now I'm giving your games as gifts." -- a web-customer named Charles
"My plastic Icehouse pieces are the single most valuable gaming components I own." -- Kevan Davis, one of the authors of the Dvorak "Time Machine" deck
"Fluxx is by far our best seller in non-collectible card games. A display of Fluxx should be by the cash register in every game and comic store." -- Mark Easterday, Vice President of Purchasing, Alliance Game Distributors
"One of my friends came over to play a few of our favorite games and popped Fluxx out of his pocket. We decided to give this (what seemed at the time) simple game a try. Draw One, Play one. What could be simpler? Seven games later I was hooked and had to have a copy of my own to add to my library of games. Now I am here to make some of my own cards to add to the set. I am also giving Chrononauts a try. Keep up the good work and imaginative concepts." -- Comments accompanying an order from a Space Monkey
"You guys make not only make great games, but having visited your website, it is apparent that you have great values, too - which is very rare in this day in age. Keep doing what you do, the way you do it! Peace." -- Chris of Gameboard Distributors
"I just bought Fluxx and my family LOVES it! My eleven year old says it is the best game she's ever played. My six year old plays just as well as anyone else and the adults are crazy about it too! We've never played the same game so many times in a row before -- I guess that it's because this one is different every time! What a delight to discover a game that is unlike any I've played before. Thank you for creating so much fun!" -- text accompanying a mailing list sign-up from Liz
"As long as we have Icehouse the party will never be over." -- comments accompanying a mailing list signup
"I bought Chrononauts & Aqaurius recently, and after surfing your site, and spending 5 hours (at work, because I was bored) reading The Empty City, I am completely in love with your company, products, & the site! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!" -- comments accompanying a mailing list signup

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