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The Buffaloo
How Did Reagan Cause the Fall of Communism?

"Lazarus! Hi, Lazarus! Hey..." I say, as Lazarus barks loudly at another dog in between wagging his tail hello at me. I crouch and he sniffs my face as I scratch his head and say, "Lazarus, shh..." He keeps barking.

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volacious (voh-lay'-shuss) adj. apt or fit to fly

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The Fast Runner :)

An Arctic drama
with scenes more accurate than

Tirade's Choice

Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits

Oscar Backlash

#12's Webcomic picks

"It's *AWESOME* Fun, replayable, easily-learned, and hilarious. It's a crime if you don't get the award again. I can't wait to get home, buy it, and play. Keep them coming, because I'm now a fan of LL." -- comments about Nanofictionary from a male Mensa Mind Games judge in the age 23-40 category

Thursday, April 24, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Opened Door and Closed Capsules

To the right is the image that will be appearing on the BACK COVER of the on-site program book at Origins this year. Pretty cool, eh?

Here's something else cool, we have decided to slash our shipping rates! For a consumer shopping in our online stores, this means a lower base rate (starting at $3 instead of $5) and free shipping (in the US) on all orders over $100! For our stores and distributors we will now give free shipping on all US orders (although we will start enforcing our minimum orders: $100 for retailers, $200 for distributors.)

This change in freight terms has probably been overdue on the wholesale end of things - this will make it easier for our distributors to keep our full line in stock at all times, and will make it possible for small stores who buy from us directly to sell our games at our suggested retail price, rather than rounding them up a dollar to cover our shipping charges.

In family news, below are some photos of the twins with the Time Capsules we finally got closed up this week. On Easter Sunday, we officially presented the completed Time Capsules to James and Sharon. Immediately after this photo shoot, the finished capsules were whisked away to a maximum security storage facility known as the Vault of Cruft, where they will remain in deep storage for the next 15 years... [ Will I still be doing weekly updates then? Will you still be reading them? ]


Have you voted in the Origins Awards yet?

the story so far

Thought Residue
It's official! We have finally signed the contract with Amigo, a German card game company who'll be publishing a German edition of Fluxx later this year. We've even seen samples of the new color art they're creating, and we like it. Yay!

"Perhaps someday, people like me will not be so persecuted." -- Denise Schilling, in the suicide note she left behind when she and her husband hung themselves to escape what had become of their lives after they were torn apart by our legal system because they sold $120 worth of pot to an undercover cop
"Some people believe bad chocolate is like bad sex: Even when it's bad, it's still good. This formulation is nonsense at its root. Bad sex is definitely not still good. It's actually tremendously depressing, sort of like getting all worked up go to Disneyland just to find that the only ride open in the whole park is the monorail to and from the parking lot -- and that the monorail seats smell kind of funky." -- John Scalzi, "The Terror Of Bad Chocolate"


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