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The Three-Toed Cloth
Why Does Legalizing Pot Save the Space Shuttle?

"Uh oh," I say, realizing the badminton birdy is missing its rubber head. It hits my racket, bounces straight up and comes down. I hit it again. "Uh oh!"

Cool Words

be·zoar (buh-zore') n. a hard indigestible mass of material, such as hair, vegetable fibers, or fruits, found in the stomachs or intestines of some ruminant animals (e.g. wild goat, gazelle, llama), and sometimes humans, formerly regarded as an antidote for poisons and pestilential diseases, hence: any antidote or panacea. two kinds were particularly esteemed, the bezoar orientale of India, and the bezoar occidentale of Peru. [from Arabic badizarhd from Persian pad "protecting" + zahr "poison"].

Haiku Reviews

Hedwig and the Angry Inch %}

unerect punk popera!
We love you, Hedwig!

Tirade's Choice

George W. Bush's Resume

Straight Dope

"The graphics are great. Love the quirky options. Can we get expansion decks? We love it like Fluxx! This game made water come out of my nose." -- comments about Nanofictionary from a female Mensa Mind Games judge in the age 41-55 category

Thursday, May Day, 2003
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? I'm an Art Machine

We've been getting lots of stuff finished up this week. I've been cranking out so much finished art, Kristin has been calling me an Art Machine! And I'm not the only one... other projects are being finished up around me without me even having to help! We're still getting used to what it's like to have employees...

Here's a bulletized list of the projects we've been finishing up this week:

  • Summer 2003 Promo Cards: The art is ready to be sent to the printer!
  • ICE-7 Promo Card Packs: The art has been sent to the printer!
  • Nanofictionary KoDT Promos: We've already gotten these cards back from the printer: 68,000 of them! Tomorrow we'll be sending them on to ROI, who'll be packing them into special envelopes to be sent out to stores to be given out free to customers!
  • Zendo: The art for the box will be sent to the printer tomorrow!

We're particularly excited to finally have the Zendo box done... it's way overdue! We're determined to have the finished products in hand before Origins, and that's starting to become Soon. Plus, the box is simply beautiful! Shown below is what the underside will look like; surf back to the WWN for 9/26/2 to see Alex Bradley's beautiful cover painting for the boxtop. And how do you like the colorful new version of our logo I did? It was inspired by the Origins program book ad I posted here last week...


The Origins Awards are coming soon... have you cast your vote yet?

the story so far

Thought Residue
In the past 5 months (i.e. since the release of version 3.0), Fluxx decks have been selling at an average rate of 75 per day!

Dear Washington Post: I find it appalling that you now feature the musings of a "beer guru", while you remain unwilling to publish anything positive about cannabis culture. How do you justify promoting one type of recreational drug use while continuing to support unilateral prohibition of other drugs? Instead of airing the opinions of a bartender (who would have been a criminal 80 years ago), how about a regular feature on the harms to society caused by the War on Other Drugs? On April 13th, you reported on the fact that we have 2 million Americans in jail, and even admitted that drug prohibition is to blame, yet you couldn't bring yourself to draw the obvious conclusion: WE MUST END THIS STUPID DRUG WAR. The free press is supposed to publish difficult truths, not simply report the viewpoint of the government. You should have given a regular column to Ethan Nadelman, Keith Stroup, or Ed Rosenthal, not Megan Coyle. (Better yet, give one to me!)
"Sgt. Pepper's would never have happened without acid. The Beatles were the premiere band of the Sixties and if they had just said no, we wouldn't have some of the greatest music that was ever composed. The culture wants its novelty, and wants its beauty from the arts, but many people are still unwilling to accept the reality that psychedelics have played such a crucial role." -- Alex Grey, in an interview in the summer 2002 issue of Trip, the journal of psychedelic culture, page 47


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