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sartorial (sar-tor'-ee-al) adj. of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes; broadly: of or relating to clothes. [from Latin sartor "tailor."]

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A nice cyber-punk-
rocket-goth film gets messed up
by dumb space zombies.

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"I first discovered Looney Labs when Chrononauts was first being talked about. I saw some info on it in a retailer solicitation and it sounded like the coolest game ever! And it is! Since then I have continued to search out all Looney Labs games... I also got a girl to date me and fall in love with me over Chrononauts. 'Got' is a bad choice of words, but the promo card I gave her certainly helped me appeal to her. Viva La Chrononauts! Thank you for the love of my life." -- Daniel Cisek's rabbit bio

Thursday, October 6th 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

Oct 10, 2005

What's Going On? Andrew Looney's Interactive Literature Souvenir Sampler Packet

As I explained in articles I posted last week, I was involved with 56 "Interactive Literature" games (now commonly known as Live Action Role Playing games, or LARPs) between 1983 and 1997. Regular readers also know that I'm gradually cleaning out the attic in preparation for moving.

Some of the stuff in the attic has been up there for 15 years, and I recently pulled out a couple of boxes filled with leftover parts and supplies from my old SIL/LARP days. Fake money of all kinds, simulated objects of various sorts, booklets of rules and other interesting information... all sorts of stuff, from all sorts of games.

So what I've done is to sort through those boxes and pull together a sampling of a whole bunch of these artifacts, and build them into little packets. I was able to make 10 of these before I started running out of the really cool items. I'll be selling one of these every now and then, on eBay, starting this week.

For a complete list of the 79 objects these packets contain, check out the project eBay page (or the actual listing). You can also click on the image to get a high-rez version.

Also this week, we went up to the Ledew Topiary Gardens, a fabulous old-guy's estate north of Baltimore, which features 22 acres of "the most outstanding Topiary Gardens in America." It's a wonderful, beautiful place, with all these fabulous landscaped gardens filled with living sculptures (plus some regular ones, too) not to mention ponds and fountains and even small structures. It reminded me of a visit to Portmeirion, "The Village" where the classic TV series "The Prisoner" was filmed. (Our visit to Portmeirion in 1993 pre-dates my web-journaling, so I have no travelogue of that to link to as yet.)

There were many beautiful things to see at Ledew Gardens, and many topiaries that were more interesting and elaborate than the ones shown here; but these were my favorites, simply because they looked like gigantic Icehouse pieces.

AndyThanks for reading, have a great week, and Don't Forget to Play!

Thought Residue
I think loyalty is over-rated. Leaders value loyalty in those under them, because it demands instant forgiveness of mistakes and flaws. But loyalty has too often let bad rulers stay in power, and has allowed unjust policies go unchallenged for too long. At some point, loyalty becomes a burden and must be discarded. How long does the colonist stay loyal to the King? At what point does the ancient Roman turn his back on Zeus to begin following Jesus? How far into the graveyard does the loyal German follow Hitler? And how many more people must die in Iraq before loyal Republicans turn against Bush?

I value bravery much more than loyalty. It takes bravery to challenge authority and to speak up with unwelcome opinions, all the more so when surrounded by staunch loyalty. Bravery is what it takes to speak out against those in power, even when they are wrong. Loyalty is what keeps the powerful in power, even when they are wrong.
"In everyday life many human problems stem from people's preoccupation with the past and the future, rather than the present. Disasters provide a temporary liberation from the worries, inhibitions, and anxieties associated with the past and the future because they force people to concentrate their full attention on immediate moment-to-moment, day-to-day needs. [This shift in awareness] speeds the process of decision-making [and] facilitates the acceptance of change." -- Charles Fritz, from his 1961 study, "Disasters and Mental Health: Therapeutic Principles Drawn from Disaster Studies," seen quoted in "Notes on bad weather and good government" by Rebecca Solnit, at Harpers.org

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