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Tank Girl :)

Hey! Thirsting for some
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Carve Your Own Pumpkin

"Now this is a game I can totally get behind! It's educational, it's fun, and it's environmentally friendly! How can you go wrong with that? It's a wonderful educational tool for young children who are beginning to learn about ecology and nature. The game, rated for ages "8-108" per the package, is certainly not limited to children. The ever-changing rules and limitless possibilities cater to both the chaosian and the strategist alike, keeping players of all ages entertained for hours. One game can last only a matter of minutes, or up to an hour. It all depends on the luck of the draw. With each game being different, it's difficult to get bored." -- review of EcoFluxx at Green Room Magazine


Thursday, October 26th, 2006
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What's New?

What's Going On? Giving Up On Canada

One of the hardest things in the world for us humans to do is to change, and one of the biggest reasons it's so difficult is the pain involved in telling everyone you know that your opinions have suddenly become different. This is all the more true when you've built a piece of your life around the thing you've stopped believing in. Even if you know, for example, that it would be best to get divorced, or to bring the troops home, or to abolish marijuana prohibition, such things are often difficult to achieve just because it's so hard for people to say "I was wrong."

To get to the point, I'm announcing this week that we've changed our relocation plans yet again. We're still going to move, someday, to somewhere... but we've given up on the idea of moving to Canada, and we're going back to the drawing board to rethink our choices for a new hometown.

For the past two years we've been trying to get our brains around the idea of actually following through on this crazy decision about moving to Canada... and we just haven't been able to do it. Much as we're keen on moving away from the Washington DC area, we really don't want to move THAT far away... we're more interested in a city 1-2 hours from our old home. And intriguing though it sounds to move to Canada, there really aren't very many good reasons for us to do it, and a lot of reasons not to try.

To understand all of our motivations for wanting to move Somewhere, I am this week posting a comprehensive 8-part report on our long-term plan for relocation, including the details of some of my wildest dreams and how our relocation is designed to help facilitate them.

To those who feel jerked around by our ever-changing plans (in particular Alison), I hereby apologize and humbly seek forgiveness. But it's just the way I am... I'm an INTJ, and the J for Judging means I go through life making decisions, about what I think and what I want, and taking those decisions to heart, even if I end up re-evaluating and changing my plans and beliefs later on. I'm also a dreamer, and as such I sometimes chase dreams for awhile before waking up and smelling the reality. (Remember when I said I'd decided to go back to school, to become a lawyer?) But I still believe the first step towards doing anything is deciding that you want to do it... whether you actually can is something to be figured out later on. It all begins with a decision, and as Dave Oleynik (my boss for awhile at Magnet) often used to say, "Decisions are Good." (He liked this saying so much, he got us to make buttons for the team that said Decisions are Good.)

Anyway, Decisions are Good, and we've made a new decision: we're not going to move to Canada after all. But we're still going to move somewhere, someday.
AndyThanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue
The first gay couple I know to actually get married (in Canada) have broken up. It's sad, but of course, a huge percentage of straight marriages end in divorce, so it's not really surprising. And I guess that's what equal rights are all about: having the same opportunities to succeed means also having the same risks of failure.

I agree with everything George Will says about how stupid it is for our government to be criminalizing internet gambling, and I certainly agree with his comparisons to the failures of alcohol prohibition. The only thing that bugs me about his article is his attempt to call this Prohibition II. That's totally incorrect -- this would be Prohibition 3 at least, maybe even Prohibition 4. The War on Drugs is obviously Prohibition II, and it's been doing all the same damage for a much longer time even than the original policy disaster we call Prohibition. I'm disappointed with George Will's failure to point this out.

"When something is not working, we, as a society, must have the courage to try something different. Thankfully, we had the courage to abandon the experiment of Alcohol Prohibition when it became obvious that it was doing more harm than good. Even the most conservative among us do not advocate that we return to that disastrous policy, which made violent criminal gangs rich and wreaked havoc on our streets. It has now become obvious that it is time to abandon our experiment with marijuana prohibition in favor of a system of strict regulation with sensible safeguards like those proposed in Question 7." -- Rev. Jerry Pruess, a retired Lutheran minister (from the conservative Missouri Synod denomination), one of 33 Nevada religious leaders who recently endorsed their state's upcoming initiative to legalize marijuana

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