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The H-Wing CarFighter

Thursday, June 9nd, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? The Supreme Court Ruled Against Us

On the anniversary of D-Day, once a landmark day in the history of Freedom, the Supreme Court said it's OK for the federal government to ignore state laws and arrest and imprison sick people who use marijuana for medical reasons on their doctors' recommendations.

And with that ruling, we've gotten to our final straw. Being acknowledged pot-smokers with genuine medical need (for Kristin's migraines), we do not have freedom, and it's clear we won't find justice, here in the United States of America. So, we're going to move to Canada, at least for a while.

We'd been holding out hope that the Supreme Court would save our country from the nightmare of marijuana prohibition, but now that they've dashed that hope, we know the time has come for us to go. For legalization activists, the only approach left is to convince Congress to grant us freedom, and obviously that's not going to happen for a really long time.

Instead of supporting medical marijuana patients, Congress has already voted against the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment, and now, they are actively considering putting people in jail -- for a minimum of 2 years! -- for failing to snitch on friends and family who sell pot.

So, we're hoping to get out while the getting is still good.

Unfortunately, it's going to be awhile yet before we actually go. We're pack-rats with a lot of stuff, and even though I've packed numerous boxes, it still feels like I've barely begun. (The packing assistant job has not yet been filled, since I haven't had a chance yet to interview any of the applicants I've gotten so far... I'm hoping to choose someone who can start just after we return from Origins.) But with every box I fill, we get a little bit closer to leaving, and eventually, we'll be ready to go.

As for where in Canada we will go, that's a topic we've been debating for months. Our latest top choice is Montreal, but we've already made up our minds and changed them a couple of times at this point, so who knows where we'll really end up. We're going to Montreal next month to check it out...

Meanwhile, we need to start filing immigration paperwork and asking Canada if they'll let us in. Does anyone know a good immigration lawyer, ideally someone with small business experience? The Sales/Business office of Looney Labs will remain in College Park MD, and our Warehousing/Fulfillment center is staying in Lorton VA, it's just the Creative team's office that we're planning on moving. We're going to open a Canadian office of Looney Labs, and move our family there to set it up and run it. How hard can it be? I'm sure Kristin will figure it out... :)

AndyWell, that's all for now. Have a Great Week, and Thanks for Playing our Games!

Thought Residue
Viewed now as a whole, the 6-part Star Wars saga becomes the biography of one man, beginning as it does when that man was a boy and following his life story through until his death. Thus, he who was once merely the villain of the piece has now become its hero, the main character. (George currently dismisses all talk of ever making Episodes 7-9, but I think that's just to get people off his back for awhile... I expect in 10 or 20 years we'll finally see that final trilogy, which will again change the focus, making C-3PO the ultimate main character of the epic.)

"We know we're moving. We need space. We crave change. We seek adventures. But where shall we go? We can run our internet-based company from anywhere, making the possibilities endless. So people wonder why we're considering Canada. 'Protesting Bush?' they assume. 'Medical marijuana,' we reply. It provides unparalleled relief for my wife in her battle with severe migraine headaches... when we can get it for her, which we don't have the freedom to do here in the States. So, as we await the Supreme Court's ruling on Raich v. Ashcroft, I'm packing boxes, wondering where we will go..." -- Now-obsolete 100 word autobiography I submitted to the Washington Post's "Life is Short" feature
"If you don't come in on Saturday, don't bother coming in on Sunday." -- Jeffrey Katzenberg, seen quoted in "The Dream Works Machine," Wired Magazine, June 2005

"Independent board game designer and publisher Andrew Looney presents some very hard-learned and heart-felt lessons about what you'll be going through while making your Graded Course Project for this class. The best part is that he's an entertaining (as well as informative) read. We played his Fluxx game in class." -- comments about Andy's "11 Game Design Principles" article which is featured on the research reading list for a game design class

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